Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Infographics, or information graphics are graphic visual representations of information, data or facts, which are delivered in a more exciting, and stimulating way.

As well as being visually appealing, they are useful for compacting information or instructions, using illustration, charts and typography, which would be hard to convey in another format or design.

Through the clever use of Lego, this infographic explains the idea behind them:

Source: Mashable

Here are some examples of infographics:

Source: Google

This infographic explains the basics of information graphics, using variations of charts and text. The minimal design, sleek serif font and colour scheme make this information much more appealing to the eye, and easier to take in, opposed to lots of text and explanations. As well as the clean, precise layout also make the information being displayed much more clear.

Being inspired by the basics of infographics, we confirmed that this is the right route to take for portraying budgeting and health facts and figures.


This infographic is about 'Alternative ways to save money'. It features an introduction and illustrated header, to catch the audiences attention and explain what information is being portrayed. It is a particularly good source of reference for the 'How to' we are designing, as it is a very similar subject, so it's good for comparison of our ideas and information.

I really like the basic colour scheme, as by having 3 block colours, variations are easily designed for different sections of the infographic.

The structure is clear, defined and simple, with bold headers in contrasting colours to the background, in keeping with the colour scheme, stating 'The Problem', 'The Solution', 'The Totals' and 'Sources'. By having only 4 key sections the infographic is easy to refer back too. The problems are illustrated in an almost 'Key' style towards the top of the infographic, as the symbols for each individual cost are used in the solutions section also.

A lot of financial information is being given in the infographic above, which to some people may be quite hard to take in and understand. So, to summarise and appeal to more people, there are clear sub headers for totals.

At the bottom the banner which promotes MoneySupermarket, ensures that the facts, figures and prices are all reliable and up to date, as this comparison website is very reputable and well known.


This is an infographic that tells marketers how they can keep on top of everything at work, especially in busy, hectic offices. 

The way the information is portrayed is through sports illustration which at first glance you would think was for a gym workout. However, LeadFormix, who this infographic was produced by, has cleverly used the illustrations to give the impression of being the best at your trade, including stamina and speed, along with other traits needed for you to be the best, and stay the best at what you do. 

They have also cleverly used an outline of a popular social networking icon to enhance and give emphasis on the point being made.   


I  really like the use of vector images for the exercises and food on this infographic. The way the information has been displayed is very easy to read and simple to understand. By 'fats' etc being colour coded at the beginning of the infographic, it makes the rest of it very easy to follow, at it has been set out in a specific structure - introduction, then it starts to explain it's purpose. The varied typography and colour makes the infographic visually appealing and eye catching to attract attention of it's target audience. it educates through explaining food, calories and exercise and gives you a step by step guide to work out your daily calorie intake, so you can be sure to take on the information given in a personal way.

Both Sourced from: Laughing Squid

These two are my favourite infographics that I have found, whilst carrying out reseach. I really like the simplicity and structure as it differs to the others above as it's purpose is to educate not inform or persuade like the several others are. These are more light hearted and the characters used are really fun, making it very appealing and interesting to look at.