Wednesday, 3 October 2012


I wanted to also take a look at the more literal response to 'Dissect' also, especially after finding some really inspirational pieces of design, on my previous post.

I decided to have a look at German graphic designer Andreas Scheiger's work - An Evolution of Type, a 3D Collection. I really like the mix of a classic typeface, which has distinguishing features, complete with real animal bones. The designer has used a variety of materials, such as polymer clay, acrylic, shells, coral, wire and MDF to form his 3D master pieces.

Source: thejailbreak

“A letter, a sign suggesting a sound and thus in combination suggesting a world, has to be of organic origin. In this belief I continued to dissect further letters. In some of them, to my utmost surprise, I discovered calcium carbonate skeletons, similar to sea corals. It is only the beginning of my journey into the evolution of letters but I dare to assume conform evolution to mammals at this stage.” - Andreas Scheiger jocundist

I really like the simplicity of the designs, and I think they are very inspirational for this brief.