Saturday, 27 October 2012


The election begins on November 6th, to see who will be the 45th President of the United States, The 2012 election is between Democratic candidate Barack Obama, who is currently in office, and Mitt Romney, the opposing Republican candidate. 

Both have very different long term plans, Obama is planning to restore the economy of America, and focus on improving and moving the country forward, whilst Romney's long term vision is to increase tax cuts and not allow women to decide on their own health care choices, amongst reverting to policies which caused the recession. 

'Forward' is their campaign slogan and is featured in posters, adverts and propaganda, his website, speeches and writing. It's all emphasis on the plan and pushing forward; not backwards. An ironic pull on Romney, and the democratic's view towards the republicans, as well as a summary of his policies, which can be seen below:

Source: barackobama

Source: barackobama

Barack Obama's plan in comparison to Romney's is much more positive and plausible with the public it seems, and as Obama has already killed Osama bin Laden, ended the war in Afghanistan, and promised to bring the troops home from Iraq. He's stabilised Wall Street, and caused more jobs in America than seen in recent years due to creating more jobs in the manufacturing industry. Personally I would vote for Obama not only for his policies, but for what he has done and this can be seen and summarised in the video below:

At this moment in time this is how the current election stands. 9 days to go, and the election is running neck and neck pretty much. 

Source: telegraph

Here you can see that the race is extremely close with Obama and the Democrats standing first with 201 electoral votes and Romney leading the Republicans with 191 electoral votes. 

How the election works:

Each state in America is given a number of electoral votes for the state, which are based on size. States such as California get around 50. However, 2 states use a 'win all take it all system'. Some states in America are mainly biased toward one party, therefore tend to vote for that party when elections come around. The Presidential candidates use their funding and donations on campaigning in these states particularly, to try and get the vote. This is called "swing states".

On the morning of November 6th 2012, votes will be cast in polling stations in the capital Washington DC, and the remaining states of America. Usually an idea is known around late evening as to who may have the lead. When the results have been confirmed and counted, they will announced and both parties will make a speech. The next inauguration day is January 21st 2013. 

Depending on who wins the election depends what will happen in the upcoming months. Romney would go through stages preparing him for his role. Whilst Barack Obama would continue in office and proceed to make the changes mentioned, and will be in office for a second term.  

Due to the neck-and-neck race at the moment, Obama has released a new ad campaign, which is a document stating his policies for the next term.

Source: dailymail

Obama's leaflet for the people of the United States. He had been told his campaign was cold, so this wad done to re boost the energy and positivity surrounding the elections, in his favour.