Wednesday, 10 October 2012


I have done some basic research into my client's interests around Graphic Design and Typography, focusing on Negative Space and Geometric shapes. I thought it would be appropriate however, to look at more of his design interests for further inspiration and design ideas.

I decided to look on James' personal blog, to gain a broader sense of knowledge on himself and type.

I really like the use of line and shape to create texture and depth with these letterforms. They are simple but visually pleasing and easy to read.

Source: amandamocci

My client expressed his interest in Astronomy when we chatted, and coming across this typeface gave a whole other perspective on designing for James, and made the options broader. It's a very sleek monochrome, clean cut and organised design which fits my clients design criteria. 

This is a piece of James' design work for the LCA Summer Brief. The geometry and CMYK colour scheme is simple and effective. The negative space and variety of colours/shapes used is smart and sleek. I love the overall design and it tells me a lot about my partner.

I love the minimal style and colour scheme of these designs. The geometric design at the bottom made out of triangles is simple but beautiful and effective. It looks smart, clever and clean cut. My client likes clean, polished designs so the purity and sharpness of these designs are ideal for inspiration and ideas.

I am also quite interested in James' dress sense. He likes to wear graphic patterned t-shirts and jumpers. The patterns themselves would be ideal for a piece of design work, so I have taken a few examples from Topman which potentially could be used in my initial ideas.