Friday, 5 October 2012


As I was hoping to link the anatomy of type and of the human body, I thought it was appropriate to look at both sides, so my illustrations and details can be as accurate as possible.

Source: vectorstock

Source: theodora

I like the style of this illustration, and how intricate and detailed it is. With the size restrictions i have this much detail would not be possible, however if this project was to develop further, perhaps this could be done digitally. However, I do like the basic labelling used.


"Turkish art director Barış Sarhan was approached by Grafik Tasarim to design the cover for the March 2009 “graphic design education” issue. With this theme in mind, Barış researched the fundamentals of graphic design, which led him to type. Rather than illustrate the anatomy of typography in the standard way, Barış collaborated with artist Ahmet Eken to produce a lowercase “a” with human-like muscles and vertebrae exposed. The image is a composite of items built by hand and 3D computer generated images created with Maya and ZBrush. " typetheory

I like the mix of infographics and overall lightheartedness of this piece of design, and the light use of anatomy.

I really like how the typography is made out of a material to look like the object it is representing.

This is a digital piece of design created by Teagan White Ink. I love the attention to detail and use of colour, along with black and white. The drawings of human anatomy are very simple and elegant but pull the whole concept together. The use of maths and angles/shapes is a clever relation, as is 'love' and it's illustration, the same as 'you' and 'water'.

The simplicity of this type design, is that it's stripped back to it's bare basic of the anatomical and physical structure of any living being. This is really clear with black fine liner on a tea coloured background.