Wednesday, 10 October 2012


During a seminar with Richard, we were asked in groups to look through the new LCA prospectus and give our critique as Graphic Designers. Below are several responses to this task we were set, with criticisms and potential improvements.

Page 14: Me and my group thought that this page was particularly dire due to the really bad photograph in the centre of the page. The flash is too bright and it could of been cropped to avoid the back of the man's head at the left of the photograph. This does not give a good impression of LCA as an established art school if the photos in the prospectus are either stock photos, irrelevant and really badly taken and edited.

Page 11: This page is a design crime with too many boxes within a box. The designer has decided rather than use quotation marks, the text is captioned with a [1] etc and then the details are at the bottom of the page. This page does not give you a sentence or phrase as to what information it's portraying. However, there is too much text and black and white here, and could be designed to be more visual appealing with a more structured layout.

Page 15: We thought that the headers here should be bold at least to stand out more, as the sections are no obvious and have too much text. The text should either all be centre justified, to be in line with the title. The photo is also placed off centre as the designer has not taken into consideration the borders for binding. 

Page 40: The main criticism for this page is the layout. The pictures are not in any particular order and they are pretty much just dotted around the page. They are also not the same size and should be structured. 

Page 76: The text at the top is a quote by Fred Bates which has no quotation marks and is not clearly identified. The photos show no relevance by saying 'Nottingham' in the top left picture, and the bottom one is a stock one. There is no structure or order either. 

Overall a really bad prospectus.