Sunday, 7 October 2012



Source: dawngardner

Dawn Gardener produces beautifully intricate digital collages. Her specialism is graphic design and printing. This piece of work is taken from an exhibition in Essex in 2011.

I love the colours, and playful use of shape whilst collaging. The bright vintage prints she has used work really well with the muted tonal background she has chosen. The mix of Graphic Design and Illustration visually interesting, and the additional lines and details she adds to her work, from a simple image into a concept.

Here the lines linking the circles together give the illusion of cable cars on the mountains. I love her playfulness with design. It looks contemporary, sleek and well thought out. The variety of options available with digital collage is fun as well being a creative process.

The structure and layout is simple but aesthetically pleasing and some of her other work looks very editorial which I also really love.  


Source: weburbanist

These are a selection of fonts which are blacklisted as they say, against being used in a logo. 

They give no sense of brand identity, and seem appropriate for amateur school text books, not a corporate business. 

Fonts listed such as Comic Sans MS and Papyrus, are very overused and have no sense of meaning or power. When it comes to type design, they are all very basic and created for a general purpose, e.i. Microsoft Word.

There's no creativity, structure or Graphic Design to this work and seems over full with condensed, illegible text.