Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Source: posttypography

This simple monochrome typeface is a little overwhelming and hard to read from a distance without really focusing on the positive and negative space. I don't think anything this complex will suit my client but it's good for reference.

Source: behance

The simplicity of this design is great, the use of a colour to show the negative and positive space is unusual opposed to most which are black and white. The bold, capital type is quite powerful and the play on words 'focus on the full, not the empty' is very clever and fitting. 

Source: apeonthemoon

I love the unusualness of this piece of design. The 3D style and geometric form is something of interest to myself and my partner. The way the letter forms are missing key segments makes the negative style work very effectively, and I like how they all fit as a set yet the tones and style vary throughout the typeset. 

Source: behance

The design of this is very raw and basic, and you can tell the designer likes bold type as well as negative space. The Sans Serif font has been edited and sized to the designers preferences. 

Source: pinterest

I love the minimal style of this design. The way the text frames the shape of letterform makes it much more legible and easy to read opposed to if it was just the colour blocks on the left.

Source: pinterest

I really like how the use of positive and negative space on this type has been made to look 3D. This is unusual and something I am quite inspired by.