Monday, 1 October 2012


Anatomy of a Typeface. Source: millspaz.wordpress

I really like the style of this diagram showing how a typeface is made up of so many detailed elements, that no one is really aware of.

I think that showing detailed elements could be really interesting, combined with the more literal, general response to 'dissect'. I came across a Graphic Designer called Andreas Schieger, from Vienna. The work produced mixes the playfulness of 'dissext' in it's literal context, but also has a hidden, deeper meaning which is very clever, and is something I have been inspired by for my own design work.

Source: Glandis

I really like how these examples of been designed. The simplicity and minimal colour makes the typeface stand out. They have been designed very cleverly as their is meaning behind the typeface which has been designed, but it leads us to explore, and solve the problem of the evolution of type, in an effective way.

Source: glandis

These were made by the same designer Andreas Schieger, who also works with sculpture and art.