Tuesday, 23 October 2012


For my research project, which has to be based on a story, issue or theme found in the national press on Tuesday 23rd October, I decided to research into the on going political debate between Barak Obama and Osama Bin Laden, and how this may help him with the running for the upcoming US Presidential Election. I also want to research into how Barak Obama finally set his troops on finding and killing Osama after 9/10 years of searching. I think it's incredibly interesting, and since the al-Queda group has been around causing anarchy and distress across the world, other terrorist groups have been formed much closer to home.

I picked up the Metro and bought The I, a summary of The Independent which will give you "your daily briefing". The Metro I presumed would have a much calmer, relaxed tone of voice, and wouldn't be as opinionated, and perhaps would be more subtle, however this wasn't the case. The introduction which has been cut off on the image below, says "It's been 18 months since Osama bin Laden was killed by the US in his Pakistan hideout. Now the author of Black Hawk Down has written an account of the killing, how it was viewed in the Oval Office - and how it may secure president Barack Obama another term in the office. The introduction is strong and focused with certainty around the obvious points, and shows uncertainty through language choices such as "may".

The Metro refer to the day of reckoning as the day that 'America's open wound was finally healed'. This phrase, "open wound" is used several times throughout the article, showing emphasis and focus.

Unlike the article on local terrorism from The I, the Metro has taken a much more relaxed, infographic approach to the design, using vector images to show facts and figures, rather than including them in the body of the text. I think this is because the facts and figures stated are quite shocking, and perhaps unknown and tells the reader just how large a scale this mission was.

Main Facts/Features of the article:

- 18 months since Osama bin Ladan was killed.
- May 2nd 2011 - Official death.
- 24 special Navy Seals launched the attack with 1 Pashto translator, 1 highly trained dog and a 24-man reaction force on standby
- Breaches of National Security (9/11)
- 4 men and 1 woman were killed
- 3 wives and 12 children were found to be living in his compound in Pakistan
- 1 hr 40 mins is the time taken between Osama being shot, and the Seals landing at their base back in Jalalabad, Afghanistan
- 50,000lb of explosives would of been needed to blow up the compound
- 2 Stealth Black Hawks and 3 Chinooks were deployed in the operation in Abbottadd, Pakistan.
- The size of the compound where Osama was hiding was 38,000sq ft.
- Osama bin Laden was later on buried at sea
- Obama gave 'Operation Neptune Spear' the go ahead for the attack
- US officials, and hundreds of thousands of people worked on finding his location and eventual death for around a decade before having any success.
- Torture by the US officials was used against Bin Laden's team to gather information on his whereabouts and al-Queda.
- George W Bush said that finding Osama was "not a priority", and waged wars however his successor Obama made that his main priority when he took over the Presidential role, and promised to get the troops back to the US as soon as possible.
- Ayman al-Zawahiri was the current al-Queda leader at the time of the raid.
- The Presidential Election is in 2 weeks, and the fact he found and killed the world's most hated man is a major factor which could help him be successful again.
- Not only killing Bin Laden was a major success for America and it's citizens, but also globally, and the re-direction that Obama has taken after George Bush to find and put an end to al-Queda, their leaders and their international terrorist threats. Some of which were found in Osama's compound in Pakistan and on computer chips.
- Al-Zawahiri is still alive, but Bin Laden's organisation is no longer in tact now, hence putting an end for now to future major threats.
- Vigilance needs to be maintained and kept in tact, as their are still other terrorist groups out there.
- "In the long run, the only thing that will end this reign of Islamist extremist terrorism will be the Arab countries themselves modernising, stabilising and in a hopefully democratisation direction" - Bowden

The Metro.

The I.

The I, had a much more strong, tone of voice. It is concise and to the point but informative, formal and very serious. However neither article asks questions it leaves you thinking, questioning yourself, which I think is really good in an article - the power of words, and imagery combined, and how it can show emotion, feeling, power and suggestion. 

However not related to Osama bin Laden, al-Queda and Barack Obama, terrorism is starting to become more common especially in the past decade. And due to the increasing demand for popular culture, terrorism is playing a role in the media and films more and more. In this article a terrorist group is referred to as 'Four Lions' - a film, and the group name for a Yorkshire based men who make up the four lions (terrorist group). 

The "Four Lions" have been said to of been taken to court, when found to be Birmingham-based terrorist plotters, planning on carrying out a co-ordinated suicide attempt, to "cause carnage in the name of Allah" hoping to kill more people than 9/11 and the London attacks in 2005. They wanted to plant bombs in backpacks of 8 militants, killing everyone surrounding them in the process. Religion is a big part of everyday life in Eastern countries, and especially when it comes to terrorism, and killing in the name of God.  This is the same principal as al-Queda. 

Two of the men who make up the 'terror team' have previously been to terrorist training camps in Pakistan, and went back in search of learning how to make bombs at home. The original 3 members "were said to be inspired by Osama Bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born extremist killed in a drone attack in the Yemen 12 days after the first of the arrests in Birmingham". They also produced videos in Pakistan which would be aired after the attack. 

This shows how powerful a voice can be. Whether it be religious, from influential parties and terrorist groups, and even terrorists who are admired my 'want to be Osama Bin Ladens', terrorism will never be stopped on a global level. I find it fascinating though that some people have a warped perception of reality, religion and life and death, and how others like Barack Obama after so long can come into power and take away the primary source of information, ideas and plots.