Friday, 5 October 2012


These are images from a group studio task we carried out during our workshop with Amber, as part of our first brief. This was to gather a wider range of inspiration and ideas for our brief. After the Summer Project's we all completed, together as a group we had a huge collection of typography, which we could sort out and arrange in any methodical order. Previously to this however, we wrote a list of 10 main typeface categories, and chose 'Colour' to work from.

You can see the completed task, which shows typefaces, laid out and displayed through the idea of the use of colour. We started with black and white, as this was the colour we had collected most fonts in, and then expanded through to off-white, cream, yellow and so forth in a circle.

You can see here the wide range of typefaces we had between us. for example: Serif, Sans Serif, Script, Bold, Illustrative, Hand Rendered and 3D. 

A long, but fun and rewarding task!

Here you can see some of the coloured typefaces we had. Some colours were bold, and simple, however others were multi tonal or multi coloured, allowing a more extensive range of type and styles.