Saturday, 27 October 2012


Tuesday 23rd Oct: 
- Presidential debate took place
- Obama states that Romney is "reckless and wrong" on foreign policies debate
- Debate in Florida; Obama disagrees and clashes with Romney on issues such as Iraq, the Middle East or the going after al-Queda.
- Celebrities such as Katy Perry and Alexa Chung sing and perform in support of Obama
- Obama launches battleground state tour
- More campaigning for undecided voters, to go with Obama for his positive policies
Weds 24th Oct:
- Donald Trump offers Obama $5m for Obama's passport or college details, and is denied.
- Obama says that Romney shouldn't be trusted, and pleads to public
- Clint Eastwood stars in Republican TV ad.
Thurs 25th Oct:
- Colin Powell, former US Secretary of State endorsed Obama's re-election campaign.
- Obama struggles to re-capture black vote
- Romney Campaign raises $12m in 17 days in donations towards his Presidential campaign
- Sitcoms; Opinions count in programmes such as Family Guy
Friday 26th Oct:
- Barack Obama casts his early vote in home town Chicago. This is the first time in history this has happened through 44 Presidents
- Voting for the first time is like 'losing virginity' and Obama is in a video war over an official campaign from conservatives.
- Romney addresses the economy in a speech in Wisconsin.
Saturday 27th October:
- Election is neck and neck at the moment with almost even electoral votes.
Monday 29th October:
- Hurricane Sandy hits America on the East Coast leaving Obama with leading the country a week before election day, whilst Romney carries on Campaigning.
- Romney promises 'real change'
- Polls pretty much drawing even still.
Tuesday 30th October:
- October Surprise
- Hurricane Sandy takes 17 life's, and leaves 8m without power in NYC, NY.
- Obama visits devastated state of New Jersey
- Polls still about drawing, but many think Obama will win
Weds 31st October:
- East Coast devastated by storm, 48 dead
- Obama visits New Jersey, to help re-open businesses, and services.
Thurs 1st Nov:
- Barack Obama and Mitt Romney re-start election campaign formalities.
- Obama flew to swing state Wisconsin, and from there toured 3 states, including visiting a Las Vegas rally, also attended by actress Eva Longoria for campaign support.
- Obama reflects on "one nation" vision, which he used throughout his 2008 election campaign.
- Romney attacks Obama's business policies in the state of Virginia.
- Michael Bloomsberg, the Mayor of New York endorses the re-election of President Barack Obama, claiming, he's the better of the two candidates to fight climate change.
Fri day 2nd Nov:
- China and Japan support Obama
- Candidates await US jobs figures
- Obama campaigns in Ohio, saying "I'm not ready to give up the fight"
- Barack Obama releases new ad campaign in attempts to show a picture of a "nightmare vision of the first 100 days of Romney presidency
- Final appeals made to voters
Saturday 3rd Nov:
- Obama pays tribute to those who risked their lives in Hurricane Sandy
- Romney's push to win New Hampshire votes
Sunday 4th Nov:
- Will Ferrel backs Obama in new humorous advert

Sources: telegraph