Wednesday, 28 November 2012


I wanted to begin my research with looking at transport costs of my fellow students as this is easily accessible information with trustworthy, reliable feedback, allowing me to work out the average cost to students per week travelling. 

I sent out a message via the student Facebook group set up for our course specifically by myself and Joe.

The results and averages can be seen below:

Name:                                                    Weekly Cost (£):      Method:

Samantha                                               18                                Bus
Alex                                                        12                                Bus
Sarah H                                                   0                                  Walk
Abi                                                          3                                  Taxi
Sophie                                                    10                                Taxi/Bus
Kirsty                                                      20                               Taxi/Bus
Danielle H                                             10                                Taxi
James K                                                  0                                  Walk
Dan                                                          0                                  Walk
Charlie                                                    20                                Train/Bus
Laura B                                                   5                                  Taxi
Laura T                                                   5                                  Taxi
Jasper                                                      12                                Taxi
Tristan                                                    2                                   Bus
Sarah G                                                  8                                  Train
Roxie                                                     0                                  Walk
Will                                                        28                                Train/Bus
Daisy                                                     6                                   Bus
Melissa                                                 37.50                           Bus/Car
Danielle M                                           45                                Train/Bus
Total/Most Popular:                        241.50                         Bus

Average per student (20st)              £12 per week

Many students have claimed that the bus is their most commonly used method on a week to week basis, with the average price for students to travel about is £12 per week, when based on the average of  the 20 students who participated. Several said they had a yearly bus pass which is £320 per year, working out at £6 per week. Other students walk or catch the odd taxi to keep costs to a minimum. Four students who answered, commute via train and therefore their weekly costs are higher than others. This is the same for Melissa who also drives, and pays for petrol as well as buses on a weekly basis.

From the survey I have seen that transportation costs can be kept down if you walk or catch a bus opposed to paying for trains and taxis which average at £5 per trip. 

My personal transport costs per week:

Train: £5.40 x 5 = £27.00
Bus: £1.70 x 10 = £17.00
Total:                      £45.00

Costs per month: 

£45.00 x 4 = £180.00 per month spent commuting to and from College. 

Here is some research on local travel and the packages they offer saving money, with timetables and my own train and bus tickets. 

My train tickets for one journey to college.

Bus pass overs for particular age groups - 16 - 18 and 16 - 21 with Travel South Yorkshire allowing cheaper fares.

1/10 weekly bus tickets.

£94 per month pass for travel all around South Yorkshire.

National Express Rail Card for Season Ticket Holders.