Monday, 31 December 2012


More than 4,000 people have been identified by police as possible victims of phone hacking at the News of the World (NoW), the now defunct tabloid newspaper owned by News International. Allegations have also been made that journalists from other papers may also have intercepted voicemails and used "blagging" techniques. Forty-six alleged victims of media malpractice have been given "core participant" status, meaning they can be represented by a barrister at the judicial inquiry and will be able to cross-examine witnesses.

- Bob, Sally and Gemma Dowler
- Gerry and Kate McCann
- Christopher Shipman
- Christoper Jefferies
- James and Margret Watson
- J.K. Rowling
- Sienna Miller
- Hugh Grant
- Charlotte Church
- Paul Gascoigne 
- Sheryl Gascoigne
- Max Clifford
- Sky Andrew
- Ulrika Johnson
- Abi Titmuss
- Calum Best
- Max Mosley
- Kieren Fallon
- Lord Prescott
- Tessa Jowell
- David Mills
- Brian Paddick
- Simon Hughes
- Chris Byrant
- Mark Oaten
- Denis MacShane
- Jude Law
- Sadie Frost
- Elle Macpherson, and Mary Ellen-Field
- Ryan Giggs
- Ashley Cole
- Gavin Henson
- Steve Googan
- Chris Tarrant
- Guy Pelly
- Leslie Ash and Lee Chapman
- Kelly Hoppen
- Wayne Rooney
- Paul Burrell
- Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy
- James Nesbitt
- Emma Noble
- Heather Mills
- Prince of Wales, and the Duchess of Cambridge
- Gordon Taylor
- George Galloway
- Michael Mansfield
- 7/7 Victims Relatives 
- Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman's parents
- Families of those soldiers killed in Iraq/Afghanistan
- Helen Asprey
- Joan Smith
- Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton
- Paddy Harveson
- Joan Hammell
- Jo Armstrong

'Blagging Victims' 

- Gordon Brown (Former Prime Minister)
"Has accused the Sunday Times of gaining access to his personal bank and legal files when he was chancellor by using so-called "blagging" techniques. Also says he does not know how the Sun obtained access to medical records relating to his son Fraser's cystic fibrosis in 2006. The Sun maintains this was not obtained by illegal means."

Source: bbc

From the above victims, I decided to focus on several stories which can be further researched into, to show the claims which have been filled. 

JK Rowling tells Leveson inquiry of press intrusion

J.K. Rowling along with Sienna Miller and Max Mosley, stood up in court on the 24th November 2011, to speak about their invasion of privacy in relation to the Leveson Inquiry. The author claims that eager journalists invaded her privacy, whilst slipping a letter addressed to her, into her 5 year olds school bag. Due to her huge global success, it has always been her intention to keep her children out of the public eye, and states "They (children) have no choice over who their parents are or how their parents behave... A child, no matter who their parents are, deserves privacy. Where children are concerned the issue is fairly black and white."
Not only invading her daughters privacy, the investigator abused the privacy of the school she attends, and added, "I felt such a sense of invasion that my daughter's bag.. it's very difficult to say how angry I felt that my five-year-old daughter's school was no longer a place of complete security from journalists." 
There was also photos published of her 8 year old daughter in a swimsuit on holiday in OK! Magazine. J.K.Rowling expressed her opinion on the matter, stating, "I feel that given fact that an image has a life that cannot be recalled... I'm sure it is still out there, that's the particular harm of an image."
The Daily Express had published a story claiming that a Harry Potter character was based on her ex-husband, which caused an uproar at home. 
She later revealed she had been 'blagged', which is where someone unknowingly reveals personal information, and claimed paparazzi had been camping outside her house. 
This occurred when she moved house and had received a phone call from someone posing to be the post office asking for a confirmation of address, and her husband was also blagged by a journalist claiming to be from the tax office, to which he gave out his address, tax code, pay grades and national insurance number, allowing them to gain access to vital information which should've been kept strictly private.
She stated her phone had not been hacked, but her invasion of privacy regarding her children and her personal life had been invaded, which is rightly so.