Sunday, 6 January 2013


What is a postcard?

A postcard is a piece of thick paper/card which is designed for writing and mailing, without the need for an envelope or paper. Usually the postcard is of rectangular shape or a long thin format. The standard size is 6x4 1/2 inches, however for this brief the dimensions to be used are A5.

The same principal as a greeting card applies with post cards. They serve a function of communicating whilst conveying a message, emotion or feeling, and being aesthetically pleasing.

Below are some examples of postcard designs.

8 Postcards with original illustrations - Parabola.


Postcards with images of a 'very British summer'.

'Red Moon'
'White Deer'
'North Wind'

Illustration Christmas Postcards

"Petiteposte is a gallery of unique postcards, created by artists from around the world. They feature photography, art and illustration, and can be written and sent online, by post mail or else dispatched blank to you by post." The work produced is very beautiful, simplistic, creative and imaginative. The postcards shown are unusual in the make-up and construction, with interesting use of stock. The way you can write and send postcards online, has shown the change in the function of postcards over the year, simultaneously working as an -E-card.

Source: neamefamily

Source: onextrapixel