Monday, 3 December 2012


Source: surveymonkey

After researching the methods of questioning people on road and vehicle safety, I decided it would be most appropriate to use an online questionnaire builder such as, Survey Money to construct the survey and send it out to people to answer. It's free, simple to use and categorises information for you with data results when people respond. You can also share the link for the questionnaire via social networks too such as Facebook. 

Survey Monkey is used by Global companies such as Facebook, Audi, Philips and Samsung to carry out their own research, as and when necessary, showing it's reputable also.

Source: smart-survey

Surveys can be created here similarly to the way in which Survey Monkey construct theirs. Smart-Survey have sample surveys to view online, and the page is customisable matching brand and identity of the company the survey is aimed at. Your data can also be out putted as graphs in Microsoft Excel or Word.

Ikea, Honda, NHS, and Channel 4 are clients of this particular survey site.

Example Surveys

Multiple Choice and Customisation example