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"Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of beautyart, and taste, and with the creation and appreciation ofbeauty. It is more scientifically defined as the study of sensory or sensori-emotional values, sometimes called judgments ofsentiment and taste. Wikipedia"

 ‘Good design is a great combination of common sense, unusual imagination, clarity of purpose–with a prerequisite knowledge of structure, values, colour, aesthetic insight and a deep reverence for the love of life.’  Millard Sheets

3 Aesthetic Rules which can be used to define the quality of an image:

1. Legible and readable typography, which should compliment the other aesthetic qualities of the design.

2. Aesthetically pleasing colour scheme. Colours should compliment each other and set the tone of voice.
3. Consistent design, which is precisely executed.

Rules/Images in relation to aesthetics of Graphic Design:

1. Legible and readable typography, which should compliment the other aesthetic qualities of the design.

Source: behance

These hand rendered quotes by Sean McCabe fit my first aesthetic rule perfectly. The different lettering used for each word, evokes emotion and feeling when read. It is intricately and has beautifully finished, showing the high quality of work incorporated in the design. The type is readable and legible, using varied point sizes/cases for emphasis. The fine tip of the black Micron pen used has left a clean, polished aesthetic on cream stock which leaves a warm, simple aesthetically pleasing piece of design.

Source: behance

"Movie schedule posters
For a half of this year i was making a movie schedules for Pushkina Cinema (one poster per each month). Pushkina Cinema is underground movie theater that shows art-house and specific movies."

These posters show a playfulness and exude aesthetic appeal. The variety of typefaces used makes the posters interesting visually, with visuals and using type as image, and image and type. The bright colours used make the information 'pop' and compliments the typeface styles used, and the style of the illustrations. 

This is a hand rendered 'type as image' exercise by Teegan White. The delicate detailing and minimal colours, with subtle colour changes influence the meaning behind the illustration, giving feeling and emotion for the reader. The aesthetics are visually enticing and draw you in to read the legible and readable type.

All three examples show the legibility and readability of the type used, whilst the intricate detailing, and variations of type compliment each other, allowing for an aesthetically pleasing design.

2. Aesthetically pleasing colour scheme. Colours should compliment each other and set the tone of voice.

Source: behance

"We have collaborated with Polytrade paper for a series of Chinese New Year Red Pocket design. We were asked to use a series of new colorful paper - Astrobrights for the design. Inspired by the diversity of the color paper, we designed the red pocket with the theme "Flower" which is a lucky symbol for Chinese New Year."

These guides are not only beautifully designed, but the Astrobright paper used in various colours, makes the printed graphics stand out by using contrasting and complimentary colours, enhancing aesthetic appeal. Embossing and foiling in gold and silver have been used to create different tones and textures, adding luxury to the design, stock, and to the packaging. Very thoughtfully and creatively designed. 

Source: behance


SHE (Sustainable Health Enterprises) is a New York-based organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for women and girls in developing countries by challenging current thinking, and by investing in people and ideas. Their first initiative, SHE/28, addresses the lack of affordable menstruation supplies in Rwanda. The identity needed to capture the heart and soul of a brand that empowers women and girls to stand tall and proud. Thus the wordmark itself “stands tall”, emphasized by the bold underscore and colour palette. The text creates an empowering dialogue that strengthens the brand’s values. The deliberate space beneath “SHE” allows initiatives to find their place within the parent brand, as in SHE/28."

I really like the use of two colours per leaflet, keeping to a simple colour scheme, using complimentary colours, as well as simple, readable and legible sans serif font, enhancing the minimalist design, that the colour scheme exudes. The paperwork which features stock, and one colour, is particularly modernist, and simple it creates a formal, yet modern feel for the company.

Source: designspiration

"A direct mail kit that announces the Dulux Colour Awards Competition has commenced. A collection of posters showing the famous colours of history, advertises you add your own colours to history. " - Joesph Kelava Source

The colours used on this poster reflect the rich, royal colours which shaped history, such as navy blue and royal red. This poster is part of a series which feature a simple, cream stock, which is enhanced by the complimentary colours used, and the subtle type and colour changes within the triangle.

All 3 of these examples show the use of complimentary colours on a variety of stock, as well as other qualities such as embossing can enhance the tone.

3. Consistent design, which is precisely executed.

Source: fabiofurlanis

"name: le guide rapide
category: book design
client: /

fabio furlanis

description: final project for iuav ba degree. a guidebooks series meant to be sold as a newspaper insert, designed to combine a refined visual impact, a good functionality and a low manufacturing cost."

This work is designed with consistent amongst the various pages and colour variations, keeping type, layout, structure, pattern and stock the same, creating an establish feel and aesthetic, which has been executed perfectly fitting the brief; a success.

Source: behance

  •  A redesign of a woman's reading magazine
  • The magazine's content focuses on short stories and short articles by Poland's popular writers.
    A magazine intended strictly for reading should not distract the reader with unnessasary graphical content. The magazine is ment to be mostly typographically "illustrated", making the written word a key player.


There is so much beauty in this editorial. The consistent style from page to page, shows creativity of variation, whilst working as a flowing set. The way they are written to be read along with the body copy is unusual, but creates beautiful illustration from page to page.

Source: behance

"Everyday Magazine is a magazine about graphic designers & other creatives, focusing on the people behind the works rather than the work itself. The magazine tries to keep to what magazines do best, instead of trying to imitate what the internet already does better. Therefore, the focus is mainly traditional journalism & photojournalism, resulting in a magazine that you sit down and take your time with, a contrast to the restlessness of the youtube-generation. The magazine features interviews with Your FriendsUglylogo & Ian Albinson. Done as a semester assignment at Westerdals School of Communication, 2009.

Thanks to: Henrik Wold KraglundSindre RosnessYour Friends,
Uglylogo & Ian Albinson for contributing/allowing interviews."

There design structure for his magazine is amazingly varied yet structured, with small amounts of body copy, collections of photos, grid systems and minimal design.

All 3 examples show variations with layout, colour and structure, however each are consistent with design and perfectly executed, being very aesthetically pleasing.

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Rules in Relation to other design fields:

1. Legible and readable typography, which should compliment the other aesthetic qualities of the design.

Source: beautifullife

Source: desigg

Source: gentlepurespace

Bloom Shadow

Source: btglondon

Source: scoop

Source: en.etapes

Source: weburbanist

2. Aesthetically pleasing colour scheme. Colours should compliment each other and set the tone of voice.

Source: cocosa

Source: furniture

Source: whowhatwear

Source: behance

3. Consistent design, which is precisely executed.

Source: telegraph

Source: artspot.it

Source: behance

Source: behance

These show a variation of examples for each brief, from way-finding to photography and fashion. The first rule demonstrates clear type, which is shown through photography, fashion and architecture. The second rule was based around colour, shown by interior design, home ware fashion and post card design. Consistent design is shown through the third rule, demonstrating how a series of pieces can still be consistent even throughout variation; shown through way-finding, fine art and illustration.