Thursday, 21 February 2013


After further discussion of a finalised direction, we secured the idea of having characters of pop icons to reflect the person drinking tea, and the particular tea.

I began looking at various styles of illustration which these could be drawn/styled in. 

A final sheet of concepts can also be seen below.

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Sarah and I decided to research advertising and tying the campaign in with social networking and print.
It is important to gain background information on what possibilities of getting a response from our target audience through advertising and the media.

My initial thoughts were:

- Facebook
- Twitter
- Viral Videos
- Mail Shots
- Coupons in Mail Shots/Newspapers/Magazine
- Generic Poster Advertisements 
- Website
- Pop-Up Ads
- Freebies (samples, cups, character postcards/info packs)

I decided to further my research by looking online for previous campaigns for tea:

Press Campaign for Te Supremo:

"Momentos que dejan un buen sabor" = Moments like these leave a good taste.

These campaigns are very simple yet effective, the colour of the water reflecting the colour of the blend when brewed. Minimal text and innovative calming design and imagery reflecting the moment.

"Moments that leave a good taste"

This printed ad is much more obvious and to the point, however is still quite minimalistic and to the point. The photo, imagery and logo are key to recognising the brand, and the message of revitalising energy is clear through colour and imagery chosen.

This is an innovative poster design showing new flavours being introduced to the range. The cup in the form of an apple/lemon, however it clearly states the message of drinking this particular tea, "lipton, feel light, feel active" reflected through colour, type and image. 

I am already starting to see existing campaigns portray the same message in different styles/concepts however all have the same message. 

Poster campaign to get students drinking more tea:

"This brief required a lot of hounding of tea drinkers to discover their little tea drinking rituals. It uncovered that a lot of people like to have their same mug/cup or eat their biscuits in a certain way. I found also, that you don't often discover a person's tea drinking habits properly unless you are around them often. This led to me to produce a campaign where tea drinkers could share their tea drinking rituals, but still remain anonymous. The copy takes on a slightly insulting, yet humorous twist to appeal to a student market. " Nicola Ball, Manchester, UK

I really like the simple concept behind this campaign. Finding individuals and asking why they like tea/what they like about drinking it and reflecting the audience through a play on words and juxtaposition with imagery. Interviews such as these could be carried out on the brief being worked on currently with different audiences/ages/genders.

Bus Stop Advertising:

Source: designspiration
TapeƱa Wine Freixenet, Spain Spring 2010 Bus Shelter Ad Spain

This simple advertisement on the side of a bus stop is a great way of advertising to the masses in a cheap, effective way. This could be a method which is implemented into this brief, with our advertisement and campaign for drinking tea.

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Using billboards for advertising is also another cheap method of advertising to appeal to a mass audience. Only the basic information needed to sell a product is displayed. Or as shown with the Tic Tac advert, an alternative eye catching sentence or catch phrase is used to draw attention in before leading you to the product being advertised. Using words which the audience associate with pleasure is also a good concept to draw attention to the advert, as seen with the McDonald's ad above.


Source: designspiration

A simple poster with facts and figures to draw attention to the audience, and product is a good way of attracting attention. Links to websites are shown, and social networking sites could be added to enhance the marketing of the product.

Bus Advertisements:

Advertising on the side of buses on the back of them, is a great way to get the public to notice campaigns whilst travelling, in traffic or walking. It also appeals to a wider audience than picking specific magazines etc.

Source: cbsoutdoor

This would be especially fitting if we were to add the concept of tea being a stress relief, by advertising at stressful times, i.e. seen in traffic on the way home from work or school. CBS also advertise on trains etc, adding to the audience reached.


After a group meeting today where we brought in different views and opinions on direction/concept, after feeding back our own prior research.

After discussion and reflection of possibilities, we decided to focus on one initial idea:

We were thinking of doing a campagin that ties in with an existing brand, such as Yorkshire Tea or Twinings, and it will use stereotypes to market different kinds of teas for different people. So green tea for healthy mum, standard brew for dad, flavoured tea for teenager or iced tea for children; then a campaign using social media, and handing out bags filled with freebies, for example, a different cup for each character.

We decided to research further into the idea of branding and packaging for different teas/products for various types of people, ages and varieties of tea to gain further understanding on contexts, concepts, colours, style and body copy. This will allow us to see how previous conceptual and playful branding has been applied to packaging.

- - - -

"Unique tea bag with an adorably cute character designed to sit on the edge of the cup to enhance presentation & enjoyment of drinking tea!"

I really like the concept of the character design creating a more visually appealing and fun experience. The tea leaf which has also been illustrated is also another nice touch adding to the character design. This is something that could influence our future design/idea proposals.

"T time. is a tea package.
The idea is that tea ( in the tea bags) can be used after drinking in a diferrent way. So this box is a beauty-box with beauty secrets. After research, I found that all kinds of tea have ingredients that can be useful for other ''problems'' such as a broken nail.Also i found out that every kind of tea should be boiled and left to give out its infusions in different times. So on the back of each envelope all the necessary information is written and also all the beauty tips."

I really like the idea of this concept, obviously appealing at women. The minimalist style is also very contemporary, and the use of illustration gives a much calmer feel to the packaging opposed to heavy, coloured imagery. The concept is very niche and specific, and has a strong target audience portrayed through that, opposed to aesthetics, i.e. hair dye, eyes, nails and making your own potpourri.  


GAGA TEA – a conceptual tea box consisting of 10 different flavors, each inspired by Lady Gaga’s most memorable characters throughout her career so far.

Aside from being the Queen of pop culture, an eccentric and a constantly evolving chameleon, Lady Gaga is also a notorious tea-drinker. Google ’Lady Gaga+tea’ and you will end up with over 44 million search hits merely of Gaga drinking tea. There is even a Facebook-fan page dedicated to her most famous and frequently photographed tea cup.

Tea, which is an ancient beverage, is an artform in itself; the various flavors that can be found are countless. Similar to the vast amount of existing tea flavors, Lady Gaga’s closet of characters throughout her career is just as extensive. What better way to portray one of the most dynamic artists of the 21st century, than in the shape of an exclusive tea box consisting of unique flavors inspired by Gaga’s most memorable personas? The ‘Gaga Tea’-box offers ten unconventional blends; among the choices are ‘Meat Maniac’ (inspired by the infamous meat dress), ‘Diet Coke Dar(jee)ling’ (from the famous Telephone-video Diet Coke-hairdo) and crustacean flavored ‘Lobster Lover’ (a nod to the Schiaparelli lobster headpiece). There are ten unique tea bags to suit every little monster’s taste buds.”

Source: behance

I absolutely love this design work, I love the concept behind the characters and relevant fictional flavours and play on words, eg, 'Diet Coke Dar(jee)ling'. It is a very clever concept with a extremely specific audience, presumably for teenagers and young adults, or as a general purchase as a novelty gift to/for fans. Influences from this could be taken for a family box with different characters.