Friday, 8 February 2013

STUDIO TASK 3 - Politics, Society, Culture & History


Following the studio workshop, write 4 short statements that summarise your individual positioning/opinions in relation to the following contexts:


We live in a society today where everything is controlled and manipulated by the government. Even though a ‘Big Brother’ system has been put in place in to monitor our every move, this safe guards us from those who do wrong, and to protect the likes of riots, crimes, fights and theft. This is the government’s way to control our actions without directly telling us what to do. This can be looked upon in a negative light, however without such close communities, and ‘rules’, it gives us the right to live peacefully and safely, not just for the present citizens, but also for the next generation and the future of the country.


The 21st century has changed, governed and dictated society as a whole today, through leadership, and extreme changes in political views.  Leadership has always been a controversial topic due to personal preferences on political parties, and their appropriate actions. Political issues are never usually one sided causing debate and sometimes even anger; however sometimes passion, anger, and drive is what’s needed to make a change to those things that are seen as unfair and flawed. 


By bringing in new cultures to the UK, it’s increased our knowledge on different ethics, ways of life, religion, food, and fashions, creating a more diverse society. Due to this a more diverse way of living has been introduced, with multi-lingual citizens, multi-cultural restaurants, shops and places of worship, creating a positive, vibrant and exciting view on life.


History is a permanent reminder of concise stories, which marks a point of time where something so significant happened it has made a lasting impression or helped shape the future. It’s reliable, unchangeable and is dependable with proven facts and figures. There is clarity and truth within the evidence given; yet still leaves room for new evidence to be uncovered.