Tuesday, 5 March 2013


A selection of fashion publications and zines collected reflecting the aesthetic style I would like to portray elements of throughout my publication. 

New Look Trend Look Book, Spring/Summer 2013

This publication is focused on the '70s trends which are coming back into fashion for summer. A modern take on digital collage using a variety of fonts. The minimal colours used and photography reflect the styles being mentioned and noted perfectly.

ASOS Seasonal Magazine; Mail Shot delivered seasonly; Spring/Summer 2013

ASOS Magazines are always very full on with colour and a vivid selection of background imagery and unusual type. They feature digital collaging and styles of scrapbooking which reflect the aesthetics I would like to portray perfectly. 

Use of digital collage and layering above.

Electric Youth BEAT Zine, March 2013

A music and style zine, printed at A3 Portrait format. It is electric with it's use of colour and the experimentation with type and image is to be admired. 

Unusual coloured body copy using gradients, and bright, pattern images are used as backgrounds.

SHEET, Issue 1, Zine

A fashion zine picked up from Urban Outfitters. 

The retro style of collaging and print colours is unusual and designed digitally yet still imitates a hand rendered feel. 

Each page is designed as a free pull out poster.

CRACK, Music Magazine:

This is a music magazine, designed at A3 portrait format. It is printed onto newsprint and combines imagery and type.

The layouts are too minimal for the publication I am wanting to produce and design, however I think they are beautifully designed and produced.

The Newspaper Club Sample

This is a sample sent through the post of an online publisher who prints off newspapers to your specification. You can digitally design your publication and get it printed professionally, and sent to your door.

OWT Creative Zines

The following images are of 3 zines designed and produced by a Manchester based design team called OWT Creative. Each one has been produced using either digital printing, screen printing, foiling or photocopying, or even a combination.

Fashion History and Photography books: 

The 3 books below have been used for contextual foundations and fashion photography. 

Company, High Street Edition:

Company magazine releases a high street edition of the magazine monthly with low cost, high street alternatives. 

They always use bright colours for imagery, body copy and type, as well as a mixture of digital and hand rendered type. The publication always features digital collage and layering and is very similar in style. I really like how they cut out images and use juxtaposition to create visually stimulating layouts.