Saturday, 23 March 2013


Below are scanned in pages of the book "Excess: Fashion and The Underground in the 80s" and photocopies of Vogue magazines in the 1980s, which are available in an archive in the LCA library. I found these vitally important for selecting trends to mention in my publication as well as gaining authentic visuals also which can be used or manipulated. I hope to use some of these in my zine.

I had a quick experiment with printing the black and white photocopies onto coloured stock. I decided to have a play with neon colours as these could be used for the pages dealing with the lively party side of the 80s. A fun experiment whilst scanning and photocopying endless Vogue archives!

The following images have been scanned in from the printed copies. I really like the idea of manipulating these on photoshop for digital collage for the publication to achieve a reprinted and reprocessed look. I want to reflect the colours, style and type of the era, and torn paper aesthetics, without a finished modernist polish were popular at the time. Combining my passions; fashion and digital collage is perfect for a publication which requires these two elements.

This style of aesthetics and graphic design is similar to that of OWT Creative, a design team from Manchester who design and produce self-published zines. They have an unorganised, yet collected, and not overly thought-out design structure with the use of grids and layout bases. I would like to use influences of this style in my publication, as I feel the edginess will fit in well with some trends that will be noted and mentioned.