Thursday, 21 March 2013



Typogateaux is an annual competition ran by the BA(Hons) Graphic Design at Leeds College of Art. Every year all 3 levels of the degree programme participate in the competition. It also forms part of a brief throughout the first semester.

The idea is to design, bake and produce a cake of some form, which has some reflection on Typography. 

As a first year student competing it can be daunting designing a cake to run against students who have 2 years prior experience with the competition. The book I am going to produce will have basic baking recipes which can be adapted for typogateaux, with potential design ideas which can be used and manipulated. 

I want it to be influential and fun to read, as well as encouraging a fun activity. 

Twitter posts from LCABAGD staff, updating followers on the competition and their anticipation for the day.

Examples of previous typogateaux's:

Cooking books and baking books:

These are examples of cookbooks and baking books which I am inspired and influenced by aesthetically, and conceptually. I would like my baking book to be fun and lively, yet simple, so I researched a range of styles - digital, illustrative, colourful, minimal, etc.

"After a long day of work I cannot think of anything in the world that I would rather do than go home to my kitchen and cook a very large, delicious meal. So as a tribute to my passion for cooking I made a sandwich cookbook filled with recipies of my own and recipies I have gathered and tweaked over the years!" - Minali Chatani

absolutely love this cook book. The concept, aesthetics and production are exquisite and it looks very professional and interesting. I'd definitely want to pick it up and read it, given the unusual design and format. A very ambitious take on a cookery book.

A combination between digital and hand rendered type and imagery have been used to design and produce this traditional style cocktail book. I really like the loose and lively illustrations, balanced out with minimal type, however I do not think this style is appropriate for first year students. 

A zine like self published cookbook. A very illustrative and personal feel comes through the design of this book, and is something I think is warm, and friendly and welcoming. The casual design is something I also really like, with clear sections of the book. I would love to design something fun and hand rendered such as this publication.

Pull out recipes. A great idea concealed within the image, with a tab to pull out.

A quirky recipe book based on chocolate. A mixture of digital and hand rendered design has been included within this book, with illustrations and full colour imagery, creating a perfect balance. Perforated recipe cards have been included in the book to make shopping easier, which I think is a really nice touch.

A very simple design for a baking book. Digital illustrations and full colour images are shown, however I feel like there is too much going on here. 

A digitally illustrated cook book showing individual ingredients, which is something I want to include within my publication. A modern take on a classic book, with full colour photography and beautiful layout and design elements.

Black and White cookbook, with hand drawn illustrations and use of digital type. Hand bound and produced, leaving a raw, natural aesthetic, which I think is appealing. Strong concept and design.

A really 'student like' cookbook, designed for 'flatmates'. The hand rendered qualities of the book as shown above, show the aesthetic which many students are exposed too and driven towards, which has been mirrored in previous publications shown also. I really love the style, and how it has been out together in a clear, simple and to the point manner.

Simple info graphic cookbook, with diagrams for weights, measurements and cooking times, with standard layout for body copy. Digitally produced, but a too minimalist and clinical style and structure for a fun and youthful baking book.

"A school project with focus on books, and especially cookbooks! The students were free to choose whatever subject they wanted to focus on as long as the book, or the idea, contained any material related to food/recepies. I made a cookbook about apples, because I love the shape of apples and their sweet taste." - Amanda Burglund

I really love the simplicity of the concept, which is reflected in the design and illustration. Effective and to the point.

Further examples of baking and cookery books.

Book binding is something I would like to do further research into, and I am looking to sign up to a book binding workshop at Vernon St also to experiment with methods for my publication. More initial ideas need to be drawn up and when developed I will look into further styles and methods I can re recreate to use for my work, which will be appropriate to design.