Monday, 15 April 2013


After developing my design ideas, and finalising the format of the publication, I wanted to look further into the aesthetics in mind, and different page layouts which could be used for inspiration.

After a discussion with my friend, and photographer Sam Brentnall in regards to the brief, and aesthetic choices I am deciding on, he suggest looking at the magazine Kinfolk; a quarterly publication, and an e-book. Each month focus' on a different story/interviews, narrated by photographs of people's daily chores.

"Kinfolk publishes a consistent stream of casual entertaining ideas to which readers subscribe quarterly as a collectable print magazine, daily online features, and in-person with workshops, dinners and events. 

Developed to respond to the gap on the newsstand, Kinfolk caters to a growing relationship of young artists and food enthusiasts by focusing on simple ways to find time together.

Each issue combines lyrical essays, recipes, interviews, personal stories and practical tips with a keen attention to design and details.

Readers look to Kinfolk as a trusted resource for both enticing and meaningful activities - whether it's a new cooking skill, road trip route, or camping guide, Kinfolk is a blueprint for a balanced, intentional and lifestyle"

The aesthetics are minimal, illustrative, and colourful, with a clean, simple and minimal layout which can be adapted. In terms of illustration and photography, it has all the perfect design elements that I would like to capture for my own publication.

"Volume 7 is an ode to ice cream and a celebration of the spring season, focusing on those shared loves that bring us together: the enjoyment of food, friends, family, and time spent in community whether around the table or out-of-doors."
"144 pages, offset-printed, perfect bound, full color on uncoated paper. Printed in the USA" 

I particularly like these sketches. The simplicity of the drawings allows the message and meaning to be understood clearly, whilst fitting the aesthetics of the layout/content of the remainder of the magazine. 

Subtle use of image, type and illustration. It works beautifully, the entire magazine oozes calm, quiet and collected, as well as being easily read and understood. 

- - - -

A variety of typefaces are used throughout the magazine, however always simple and minimalistic serif, or sans-serif.