Wednesday, 24 April 2013


After the presentation with Richard and a small group of other students, I decided to change the format of my publication. 

The feedback received was very positive. I talked through the presentation and showed my printed fashion scrapbook as shown below. The only criticism was the format being a scrapbook, Joe mentioned it looking unfinished outside, and polished inside. Richard suggested due the high quality, "phenomenal" content it should be published in the form of a magazine.

The entire class agreed, and therefore decided this would be a better option and would make the fashion element more predominant through the format and would relate to publications such as Vogue and The Face which was a popular long running cultural magazine with art direction from Neville Brody.

I am going to send of my publication to print professionally. I am going to further research into online printing companies which I could possibly use.

The Scrapbook I made and bound is as pictured below. It was bound with binding rings, with a mount board cover and back, and dividers per year to resemble a handmade scrapbook.

- - - -

Online Publishers:


Lulu is an online publishing service that prints and binds books and will deliver them to your door. I found that their uploading process was complex and was created in mind for people publishing in bulk. It worked out expensive to print using Lulu and they didn't offer the service of a magazine.


I found blurb to be a much user friendly website to use and they offer the service of using an Adobe Indesign Plug-In allowing me to make alterations to my publication using their page size layouts. Your work can then be uploaded and sent to print straight away. Blurb offers different publication types such as hardback books and magazines which is perfect for this brief. I thought this was a very worthwhile idea and I am tempted to use this for my publication.

Newspaper Club:

The Newspaper Club is a cheap, easy way of producing a printed publication, however I think due to their online design tools I wouldn't achieve the best finish to my publication as it has already been designed. They also only print on newsprint which isn't fitting with the aesthetics of a high quality, finished fashion magazine.

I am going to use Blurb to print and publish my publication due to the ease of use and the plug-in. Being able to print at magazine size is a benefit and will be bound in the same way as a bought magazine.