Thursday, 10 October 2013


To begin I wanted to research into existing concepts for print books and info-packs, finding inspiration and contextual knowledge before designing my own. 

Below are some examples of contemporary print based books/info-packs. Each varies in style and concept, but all relate the aesthetic I work with, and feel comfortable experimenting with. 

Jiani Lu, Dubai, UAE.

"I get a kick out of paper, crafts and bookbinding. I've decided to take on a year long personal project - designing one notebook a week.

I was cleaning up my old hard drive the other day and came across a project I did in first-year design class. It focused on communicating the thirteen elements and principles of design using elementary shapes and a limited palette. 

I decided to challenge myself to approach the project once more. The result is a hand-bound, interactive notebook featuring 13 signatures, each focused on one element or principle of design."

I really love the way Jiani has interpreted the design principles into a conceptual, hand worked book. Even though not all principles are relevant to print, as seen above the examples showing colour can be applied to this brief and are really good examples of out the box thinking. I love the approach and dedication which has gone into this project.

Angela Ribeiro, Porto, Portugal.

This book is called "its all about the process" and is a journal style publication featuring main elements of graphic design which people should know. I really like the combination of hand rendered type and digital elements, as this is something I like to work with in my collage work. I feel like having personal, yet easily read and legible notes allows the reader to feel that the publication is more personal.

Samuel Hoh, Leeds, UK.

A saddle stitched set of booklets focusing on all aspects of print based design production. I really like the post modern take on a dull topic making it visually engaging with many different processes and finishes being used. 

Eve Warren, Leeds, UK.

A laser printed manual focusing on all different aspects of design. The concept remains simple with the modern aesthetic chosen and takes the form of a mass-printed publication.

The Production Manual: A Graphic Design Guide, Gavin Ambrose and Paul Harris. 

This manual features a standard aesthetic and format for a print with relevance to print. No other concept is used. A really good useful book, which I own myself which hopefully will be of use for this brief. 

These are a set of books explaining music through colour. I have used these as an example to show how a series of books could be shown and bought. This is a good idea for a series of books regarding print production.

 I chose this leaflet due to the perforation showing how booklets could be designed in this sense for the info pack and showing colours such as the red printed for the colour chapter.

This appears to be an info pack in a briefcase/folder, presented very smartly and ideally for the older audience. Different processes have been used and an adaptation of this folder design could be useful when designing my own. 

I really like the different design elements used to make up this info pack. A simple colour scheme, with different printing processes, finishings and binding methods.

Leaflets, postcards, booklets etc can be printed cheaply and held in a envelope with a string tie.