Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Before coming up with initial ideas for my website and it's 5 pages, I wanted to research into aesthetics and features of websites which could be relative to my concept.

I am focusing my website around the idea of self promotion strategies. This will form the basis of my research for websites that currently exist and are in use. 

After having a search online for websites which maybe similar in design aesthetic or content, and found out that the only sites which contain similar information, are design related blogs, or websites with links to articles, as well as Behance and Pinterest. However, I am not looking to design an online portfolio platform, I am looking to create a databank of information and help. There is a gap in the market for a website focusing on this primarily, and hope this could be successful.

Below are examples of the websites and blogs found. 

This website is called and features links to other websites and articles, about self promotion. The website itself is hard to navigate around, looks complicated yet bare, and leaves the viewer wondering what to do.

A design blog with an article entitled "promoting yourself via print: ideas, tips and examples". The blog is easy to navigate around, however it looks boring, simple and unprofessional.

A very cheap, commercial blog/website with an article featuring an infographic image on self-promotion. Pop-ups and adverts are dominant of the website. Uninspiring, boring and dull aesthetically.

A self-promotion website for a designer, who features a blog with daily design inspiration. Not very relevant to the topic of her website.

Design Inspiration:

The following websites are all responsive websites.

I really like the simple responsive web design for Rally Interactive. A 4 page website which is directed through the links at the top or the arrows on the left and right, which changes pages. I really like the easy interface which can be used by many, minimal colour scheme and use of shape and type.

This website is against simplistic, which is important for my topic I believe. A 4 page website which scrolls down for further information. Very simple and easy to navigate around and aesthetically pleasing. 

Responsive website of the day, Gold, features a heavily interactive interface. Each button pressed then starts a chain reaction of visual stimulants whilst loading the page, for example, the circles above fall onto the page and bounce until settled and stationary. 

A simple website, which scrolls continuously rather than having a menu with page options. 

The website above is for Offset Festival based in Ireland focusing on print based Graphic Design. The website for the festival is designed for a designers eye so to speak, with offset type used for the logo reinforcing the name. It's interactive, and when you scroll over an image box, text appears. Images above show the process of scrolling down the home page.

I love the simplicity of this website, the logo and the easy navigation. Very modern and smart.

The Grid, London, features a drop down menu box when the title of the homepage is scrolled over. Very simple and easy to navigate around and aesthetically pleasing.