Saturday, 12 October 2013


I wanted to research into design aesthetics for my info pack, focusing on booklets and packaging as noted on my design practice blog. The product is to have a hand rendered and digital combination showing an array of print processes and finishes, combined with binding and paper folding techniques. I want this product to appeal to graphic design and print lovers, especially students.

Here a book has been packaged in a wooden box with a spray painted statement. A different type of printing using paint and stencils, similar to screen printing.

I particualarily like the metallic printing used for the type throughout this menu. A high class, smart and luxurious feel and aesthetic.

Chinese style binding.

I really love the vintage, hand rendered design elements of this book.
The layout, type and colour manipulation of the images into one colour, really standout from the plain cream stock. Very young, fresh and visually pleasing.

I'm unsure about the colour choices here, however I really like the functionality of the fold out page, and is something I will consider for my own publication. 

Hand rendered type/overall aesthetic with digital printing processes.

The above two images are an example of showing different types of stock. The stocks used to create the 'pizza slice' are shown on the right in a hand bound book. Very different, amusing and appealing, as well as being aesthetically pleasing to all audiences.

Spiral bounding could be ideal for notebooks, contact books etc for the info pack.

Hand rendered yet digital combo for aesthetics.

Slick layout and modernist type/aesthetic, with occasional fluorescent flood pages.

I love the simplicity and the use of translucent stock, such as thick tracing paper splitting up pages/sections of a book with illustrations/vector images.

A series of papers held in a bound/folder with no other binding materials other than the stock used, due to to clever paper craft and folding/binding techniques. This is something I would love to experiment with also with this particular brief.

Belly band holds a sleek, magazine style zine with a contents page on the belly band itself. 

Hand rendered type combined with digital design elements and brightly coloured paper appear in zines commonly and often use varied print processes. The above type has been hand-rendered with a digital clipping mask shaped like a quotation mark. 

Zines can be produced cheaply using photo coping as a way of quickly reproducing a different process on different stocks. This is a cheap and easy way of print production in one off or mass production. I particularly like the paper covering part of the image above as a title page. Zine production
 is also shown below with the zine photocopied on fluorescent paper. 

I really like the smaller additional pages inserted with text explaining the piece of design. A different approach when binding and something I would like to incorporate into my work.

Different sized pages throughout the zine, with a smaller card on top explaining it's contents. Aesthetically pleasing and different. Also comes with post cards.

Translucent cover.

A different printing process has been used here to create a gradient cover. Spray painting has been used on the stock in various colours to create a hand painted gradient/fade of colours.

Really good use of illustration and different printing techniques with minimal colour. I really like the use of different sized booklets coming together as a set.

Uses of overprinting, screen printing and embossing used on belly bands holding individual cards together.

Mini illustrative concertina style booklets, that come in seed packet type envelopes.

A similar approach to the mini books shown above. A hand made approach to bookbinding and printing has been used throughout.

I love the collage style of different hand rendered types above. This would be a good idea illustrated in different print colours.

Unusual type choices and layout.

Hand rendered and digital illustration have been used here, with different digital print processes.

One of my favourite hand printed and hand bound zines which is what I would like to achieve aesthetically to ensure my understanding of hands on and digital print processes. The above work is by a designer called Sofia Leite. I love the use of photocopy reproduction, various stocks, foiling, hand rendered and digital type as well as illustrations opposed to photographic imagery. The use of different stocks and paper sizes is something I have come across several times during my research so far for this brief and is something I definitely want to experiment with as well as with different print and finishing processes as seen in the many examples above.