Thursday, 17 October 2013


Paper Folding taking from Design Practice:

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Scans from Print & Finish (Ambrose and Harris):


The scans below are from the book noted above. Scanning the pages in allowed me to understand the information first through reading the book but saved me time when coming to making notes via blogger.

I love the simplicity of the body copy and illustrations explaining each type of binding very easily and simply. This type of communication with an audience is what I want to achieve through my own work, using the correct language and tone of voice for a female audience.


The same principle with the following pages also applies.

Each has been described and illustrated simply and clearly in one page. I want to keep my info-pack succinct and simple such as these below.

I really like this type of folding used to contain documents.

This use of dye cutting and folding could be used to show the different colour processes of CMYK - additive and subtractive allowing the pack to be interactive and fun as well as educational and informative.

Further Binding Guide:

The following pages show construction guides almost in a list format, such as flat pack furniture with simple diagrams and instructions which anyone can follow.

The addition of how to make your own books through these guides is something I would like to bring through my work.