Saturday, 23 November 2013


I thought this article was relevant showing up to date web sites, with focus on geometric aesthetics. I found it inspiring for the brief I am currently working on, and will influence my design decisions. I noticed that the use of geometric shapes was used primarily for aesthetic reasons opposed to functionality of the website. This is heavily shown on the image first shown - the images are rollovers in the coloured geometric shapes, however serve no additional purpose other than linking to the navigation bar. Similar examples of aesthetic use can be seen below, as well as functional examples. 

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"Geometry is… “Why geometry?” you may ask “it’s a web design and not a mathematics blog”. You’re right, but today we’ll show you what happens when geometry and web design are mixed together. Many articles have been written about the circle trend in web design, but why do we ignore the fact that other geometrical figures and shapes are also widely used by web designers all over the world? Sometimes a geometric shape is a design element (,; sometimes it works well as a framing element (,
In some cases, it helps users navigate the site (,, draws users’ attention to certain parts of the site (, or even becomes the site logo ( Just scroll down and you’ll see 20 awesome examples of using not only circles, but also squares, rhombuses, triangles, rectangles and hexagons in web design. Who knows perhaps the websites below will inspire you to try something new and consider geometrical shapes as a way to enhance the design of your site."