Saturday, 30 November 2013


Initially I collected examples of parenthesis is use. I found out that parenthesis isn't shown clearly online in the desired way I envision, as this seems to be an idea not many others, if any have played around with. Below are some examples I did find online showing basic uses and parentheticals.


of, pertaining to, noting, or of the nature of a parenthesisseveral unnecessary parenthetic remarks.
characterized by the use of parentheses.
Also, par·en·thet·i·cal.

Well designed definition showing Parenthesis at the same time, with the after thought, i.e. the actual definition being in brackets (a parenthetical) <-- use of Parenthesis!

Common Parentheses - Brackets.

Often used in complex mathematics.

Introduction of the Asterisk.

Clever use of Parenthesis for a promotional poster based on Architectural design.

Parentheses illustration.

An usual way of showing the meaning - conceptual with scaffolding.

Dividing information.

Source: Google Images.

The hash tag is more used now than ever, and is probably the most common type of parenthesis used at the moment as seen in the screenshots of Twitter above and below. Usually adding a trend or cheeky/serious after thought or quick message.

In the message below there are 4 uses of Parenthesis - # (pound) #barcamp and [msg].

The asterisk usually used too add a note or correction after a word. Again an after thought and use of parenthesis.

Used in mechanical diagrams originally.

The Asterisk in use in two very different ways - one for aesthetics one communicating a message, showing how it is used in a hypothetical situation.

Source: Google Images