Friday, 1 November 2013



Write an analysis (3-500 words) of one media image of your choosing. This analysis should highlight how the intended
reader/audience would construct their identity by a specific reading of the text which is based on the 'othering' of other
groups or individuals.

Your analysis should evidence an understanding of the concept of 'othering' and also show some acknowledgement of
how much the security of our own fragile subjectivities or identities depend on this process.


For this task I chose an advert from a Barbour campaign. The reason I chose this image is because of the social context and associations with the brand that are reflected through their photography. 

Initially it is important to be aware that Barbour is a British heritage brand which echoes a country lifestyle and history. Those who wear the brand are often trend-focused, aiming to become 'the other', or because they are 'the other', which many people strive to be. 

It is important to understand how the concept of otherness fits in with this image and brand. The image reflects the audience trying to encapsulate and become the other, through social stigmas such as class and social status, as well as nationality. The identity of Barbour is a upper-class, country home and stables-esk lifestyle which reflects the context of the image. 

The audience who would buy into the brand try to become, or emulate the aesthetic and lifestyle shown through an advert. By becoming the object of desire, you lose your own identity and fall into an identity which already exists and strives. The brand becomes a representation and an identity of the individuals who live this lifestyle and wear the garments sold.