Saturday, 23 November 2013


My designs for the website proposed in my design practice blog, contains design elements which feature geometric shapes. I feel geometric shapes are a current trend within graphic design, especially editorially and web based, aimed at the younger designer audience, such as those like myself at university, or those who follow fashions or music trends. I envision the website to be black and white, however, I want to see how shape and colour can be used. This may help enhance my design ideas, and perhaps be more appealing aesthetically to my target audience.

Minimal use of type, with heavily coloured, geometric patterns on the front and back.

Hand painted fluorescent geometric give a vibrant, aesthetic finish to the poster, with bold, modernist type overlayed on top. 

Square images have been used as rollovers for different design projects - functional opposed to aesthetic.

Use of interactive rectangular boxes. Both functional and aesthetic.

Geometric shapes used to make up the logo.

Bold, geometric shapes are used as rollover images and links to specific pieces of work. Aesthetically very heavy but functional all the same. Navigation is highlighted clearly also on the three different pages.

Overall it is noticed that the geometric shapes feature no context on any site, and only function as an aesthetic feature. This is a point which was raised in the crit recently about my current web design ideas and scamps. This is also something I would like to avoid. The website is to be simple, to the point and filled with information to educate and inspire.