Saturday, 7 December 2013


I wanted to look at the various British foods available, to start forming content and structure for the menus and content, as well as working out how the concept of Parenthesis will be applied. I want to use the idea of Parenthesis in a Mathematical way opposed to being an after thought as I feel after my research would work much better with the design idea I am keen on working with. 

I looked at British foods online and at menu's from various restaurants for ideas. I found an interesting article on the Telegraph website which made me think of using more playful, real british terminology for each dish. This can be seen in the list compiled below:

1. Toad in the Hole
2. Bubble and Squeak
3. Welsh Rabbit
4. Cullen Skink
5. English Breakfast
6. Bacon Butty
7. Sausage Sarnie
8. Fish and Chips
9.Steak and Chips
10. Beef/Veggie Burger
11. Banger's and Mash
12. Stew
13. Roast Dinner
14. Cauliflower Cheese
15. Ploughman's Salad
16. Jacket Potato
17. Shepherd's Pie
18. Pastry based Pies
18. Spotted Dick
19. Sining Hinnies
20. Jam Roly Poly
21. Chocolate Concrete
22. Victoria Sponge
23. Cheese and Biscuits
24. Crumbles.

I am going to work on how these will be applied to Parentheses and type before designing and making final content. Drinks also need to be researched into.