Tuesday, 10 December 2013


I wanted to research into the idea of duplicating an order form, for the kitchen and server also, as the one designed acts as a 'check' and a 'bill' saving printing two lots of different receipts. To experiment with this I quicky researched a little bit of info into how to use the product and where to buy it from. I have ordered 10 sheets of A4 for £1.50 which I feel is relatively cheap. This would be cheaper if bounded when printed also in mass production. 


"Carbon paper is a type of paper with a waxy dark film of carbon on one side. It is used to make copies of written items by transferring the carbon to the sheet below. The need for carbon paper has been greatly reduced since the creation of electronic printers and copy machines that can make multiple copies with the push of a button. Carbon paper is still used today for a variety of purposes, from making copies of patterns onto fabric to making copies of handwritten or typewritten business forms."