Monday, 30 December 2013


I partly chose this brief, due to my current part time job, at chain restaurant Frankie & Benny's, whilst having a keen passion for branding and identity. I felt as I have worked for the company for 5 years, it is apparent I have previous knowledge of the catering and hospitality industry at a first hand, and in depth level, allowing me to be aware of service, standards, necessities, etc as well as a deep understanding of their brand, story and what they expect out of their staff, as well as what ought to be delivered to the guests.

As part of my primary research, I have taken one of each menu and left over christmas pos' which my manager allowed me to take. The images of their menus etc are shown below, and show the depth of possibilities for mock-ups, designs and proposals.

Main Menu: 

The front cover to me personally looks quite dated aesthetically, however shows heritage instantly which is a running theme throughout the Frankies branding, whilst showing their logo, vintage photography and the wi-fi symbol, which believe it or not, attracts customers to dine with us, purely for this reason. However at a smaller, and not a chain restaurant I am not sure how attractive this would be in a smaller, more conceptually themed restaurant. 

On the inside of the Frankies main menu, shows an advert for their different menus inside. There is 3 menus in the main menu, including breakfast, lunch, starters & mains. These were separate until 2 months ago when the menus were redesigned. This was to reduce printing costs for around 8 different menus used throughout the year. It also made it much easier for the server.

There is also a fictional tale of the Frankie and Benny's story on the main facing page, adding history, heritage and concept to the restaurant whilst mimicking the food choices, language used and interior/exterior aesthetic taking inspiration from the era. 

Breakfast page shown above; there is a lot going on, and personally dislike the gradient background and full colour photography used. I feel using images of food in menus adds cheapness to the aesthetic. Consistent type and colour are used throughout.

Below shows the lunch menu, split into 3 courses. Easy to navigate for the viewer. Simple, structured.

Main menu starting off with starters. Again photos are used along with imagery and bold page separations. I feel as there is again too much going on, and it has been found that the new menu is rather complicated for the viewer, due to so many pages and a very heavy visual aesthetic throughout.

Pizza and Pasta pages (above).

Burgers and Grills (above).

Salads and Sides, following an additional lighter options menu. Much better use of background colour.

Wines (above) and drinks (below). I find the wine menu to be particularly poorly designed. The body copy or type colour choices, i.e. the red, is now legible or readable.

Social Networking links, App Advertisement, Head Office Address and Intolerance/allergy info.

Additional Menus/POS:

Christmas drinks menu - Use of the font 'Lobster' with a drop shadow. Again very overwhelming full colour design with a variety of things going on. Very different aesthetic to the dessert menu shown below which has not yet been re designed.

Simple and easy to navigate around and read. More unusual format to the main menu.

Cocktail menu - same colour scheme and gradient used in a more modern manner.

Breakfast & Lunch loyalty card, offering an incentive to revisit and advertise.

Again shows social networking icons.

Specials menu flyer. Social network icons again shown.

Standalone wine menu - advertises the brands cd's and gift vouchers on the back for their range of gifts, such as oils and balsamic vinegars and themed hats etc for children (themed after the kids Frankies characters - dino, sketch and nibbles).

Christmas menu (fold out - shown below) with preorder form. 

Standard brand napkins in Frankies colours - red always faces the hot plate, green always faces the door.

The kids and junior menu are shown above. Kids are classed as below 8, and Junior 8-14. Kids meals include refillable drinks, and dessert as well as a main. The menu features all three characters, nibbles, sketch and dino, as mentioned above and are used in kids packs, which have colouring crayons and puzzle books/games to keep them occupied, creating more depth to the story of the brand and excitement for the children. A free balloon and apple can also be given if the guest decides so, all included with the set price.

Gluten Free menu shown above, featuring a more natural, fresh, minimal menu which I feel is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate around. Small print due to being a chain menu, and social networking, wifi and app store icons are all again shown.

Christmas menu reflecting the same theme as in the preorder menu and the drinks leaflet.

'Lobster' font used again.

Specials menu features the same elements as the gluten free menu and follows the same structure, whilst keeping to a calm colour scheme opposed to the main menus for example.

I feel over all the branding and identity is too varied with different structures and type used throughout giving off different feelings and tones of voice. From the list shown below, it is possible to see the depths and possibilities of branding and restaurant.

Frankie and Benny's also have the following:

Branded Balloons
Take Away Menu's
Branded Pizza Boxes
Branded Oils and Vinegars
Branded CD's
Business Cards for each Venue
Children's Activity Packs
Gift Vouchers & Holder
Branded Hot Drinks Reusable Cups
Stringent Uniform Policy for all Staff
G.RA.S.P.E.D. - Service Standards; Greet, Read, Attentive, Smile, Prompt, Exceeding Expectations and Delivery, which all staff must abide by
Branded POS for the exterior - exterior menu and A boards