Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Below are various logos and branding/identity of existing hair salons. I am going to carry out primary research in the Doncaster area too, as well as looking online for secondary research.

Modern, monochrome approach to beauty branding and identity.

- Hipster
- Geometric
- Illustrative
- Bold
- Simple

Simple, cheeky branding shown above, all based on a play on words of 'corkscrew'. This concept is also reflected through the illustrations.

- Pun
- Playful
- Simple
- Monochrome
- Smart
- Formal
- Hip
- Masculine

Simple, yet clever logo. Personally feel it is dull and uninteresting with a clever concept. Not very eye catching.

Feminine, formal and expensive feeling logo for the 'house of hair'. Lovely use of script and serif typefaces used, complimenting the vector illustrations.

- overly digital/worked
- bold
- formal
- elegant
- feminine
- smart
- expensive

Retro type used for simple branding on a salon window.

- Colourful
- Bold
- Eye-catching
- Vintage
- Retro
- Eclectic

Simple, to the point branding. Typical hairdresser style aesthetic with obvious use of scissors incorporated in the logo.

Vintage 'open' sign with American Eagle dressed as a comb. Subtle and playful.

- Retro
- Vintage
- Typographic
- Playful
- Clever
- Patriotic

Reminds me of a tattoo parlour and my own tattoos personally with the use of a ribbon/scroll holding the salon name. I don't feel this says 'hairdresser' even with the vintage scissors. 

Stereotypical use of hair dressing equipment within a salon logo.

A southern chain of hairdressers, particularly in the Bristol and London areas, as well as New York, USA. Their branding reflects a showbiz, street style, cultured and fun environment.

- Trendy
- Hip
- Street
- Bold
- Eclectic
- Diverse
- Unique
- Unusual
- Rock'n'Roll
- Tattoos