Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Creative and unusual alternative to a standard chocolate box. Luxurious and well finished.

Not only is the branding of the cafe shown, the products are also shown how they would be packaged and sold to customers. Strong and simple branding. Feels organic and fresh.

Use of stickers, and printed tissue paper to wrap up food! Possibly screen printed wrapping.

Gift tag style packaging and promo for 'black sea salt'

Screen printed paper bags. Organic paper related to the concept and idea behind this particular brand, the their values.

Vinyl Stickers cleverly used on plain glassware to show branding and product info.
Very modern and minimalist. Luxury and expensive.

I love these creative sticker bottle wraps which sit over the neck of the bottle. Each different image is a sticker to be placed on the bottle by the consumer.  Illustrative and a unique, interactive and playful idea of packaging, labelling and selling wine.

Rustic condiments packaging, sold inside a restaurant. Typographic, natural, raw, bold.

Drinks titles either printed or stuck using vinyl stickers. The same has been done by two different brands below.

Each uses the same idea, but applied in a minimalist way, and a typographic, illustrative manner also.

Dot to dot wine label - unusual and interactive. A USP.

Stickers used as above, but here a play on words has been used with the word 'sans' the typographic outcome.

Eye catching Greek wine packaging. Monochrome, very bold, expensive, novelty. 

Modern take on traditional packaging by Williams-Sonoma, for their food product packaging. I really like the playfulness, subtle colour additions and the typographic which is very illustrative and bold.

Heavily typographic print based food packaging for "Carves"

Really like the combo of kraft paper type stock with black screen printed type/imagery. 

Very smart, unusual and minimalist cloth packaging for olive oil. Very smart and luxurious.

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