Saturday, 7 December 2013


As part of my research, it is important to look at the aesthetics and concepts of other restaurants. Each different type of restaurant has a different type of branding and aesthetic. I want the aesthetic to be visually strong, warm, relaxed and appealing, and looked at the branding of other restaurants which fall into the category I would put my conceptual restaurant and bar within.

Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds
The Botanist, Leeds
The Wardrobe, Leeds
The Canteen, Bristol
Red's BBQ, Leeds

The Canteen, Stokes Croft, Bristol:

The Canteen is one of my favourite British restaurants in Bristol. The food is warming and homemade - classic British food. The branding changes on various pieces of signage, and as there is no physical menu: it is written on a chalk board the type depends on who writes it. Very relaxed and casual atmosphere, and artisanal interior decor too.

Located in Stokes Croft, the cultural and arts quarter of the city, attracting its target audience.

"We love to bring you good things like affordable home-cooked food, free live music every night, space for local art and a place to meet, plot and play. We’re nestled in the belly of Hamilton House in the thriving mix of Stokes Croft. Come visit and see for yourself. It’s a fine place to be."

Art work and British buntin outside.

V-Board above.
Food, below.

Illustrative, quirky and homely with piano and bookshelves seen in the background, as well as fairy lights and illustrated wallpapers. Neutral, warm and inviting colour scheme.

Bar, and bar menu - again chalk board style, so hand rendered type is always featured.
"We like it fresh, homemade and as local as we can make it.
So, we in the Canteen kitchen ask our suppliers to search out our fish from Cornwall, our pork from Gloucestershire, our beef from Herefordshire and our veg nice and seasonal.
Our Ethos
Making the best out of simple ingredients. We want to offer wholesome homemade delicious food to many.
We want to keep the prices low so all you lovely people can enjoy our menu as often as you like. This means our kitchen profit margin is slim but our offering is genuine.
We’re always open to menu suggestions, allotment offerings, supplier info – if any spring to mind, pop on by and have a chat.
The menu changes daily and the best way to keep up to date is to follow us on Twitter @inthecanteen.
*I really love this idea above and could be adapted for my concept *
Food is served daily from 12-3pm, then evening menu from 5-9pm. Then we pack up the kitchen and make way for the live music and inevitable and essential dancing. Here be a little sample seasonal menu…"

Online menu. Vintage, hand rendered, circus-esk type.

A relaxed drinks, food and live music venue, located in the city centre of Leeds opposite Leeds College of Music, appealing to its target audience. Casual, cheap, friendly and honest good food and service.


Pete Connolly, a local entrepreneur, wanted somewhere that he could go to listen to really good live music, (and by that he meant everything from local music students to international bands,) in a relaxed environment. There wasn’t anywhere, so he decided to do it himself. Although he had been involved in a restaurant before, he had no experience of a live music venue or bar. He brought in his mates from Mojo to consult on the drinks, and set about creating somewhere that he would really like to come to."

This emphasis on what would make a really good night out, rather than what would turn the greatest profit, has given The Wardrobe its unique feel.

Since then, we have proudly remained an independently-owned business."

Logo - handwritten brush used for the type. Casual and always in monochrome.

Website homepage. Mainly monochrome but with hints of colour. Easy navigation.

'soul kitchen' - restaurant website. Users have the option to download the menu via pdf, and to book a table online.

Collaged walls - interior. Relaxed, comfy booths, classic diner style decor.

Drinks area - sofas, tables, lights, etc to add to comfort and vintage eclectic aesthetic.

Strong colours used throughout interiors.

Exterior signage. Lights up at night!! Bold, large serif font used in capitals to ensure legibility and readability.

More interiors.

Cocktails and drinks menu held in leather holders on dining tables.

Tap water served to every table cold and in glass bottles. Added value and quality aesthetic.

Table numbers held in metal holders.

Below are the menu's for the Soul Kitchen at the Wardrobe. It is called Soul Kitchen as it serves Caribbean style food. The main menu I feel is served well, with good use of type choice and colour, however I feel the christmas and lunch menu aren't in keeping with the aesthetics of the main menu, nor are legible. Especially the christmas menu, with the white and red text on a black background.

A restaurant and bar located in Trinity shopping centre, Leeds. The Botanist is a small chain restaurant, and is based on a concept of botanical science. The interiors, menu etc is highly dominated by this concept through type, aesthetics and illustration. I love the scientific approach and organic-ness to the menu. 

Website homepage.

Interior dining - very rustic, vintage and eclectic. Scientific, garden feel with decor and lighting.

The conservatory - picnic bench style dining. Walls made of wood and covered with illustrations and scientific art. 

Bar area.

Exterior. Very unusual and eye catching, looks scientific and somewhat futuristic. I would love to use this for the exterior of my restaurant concept. 

Food - traditional british pottery.

Sofas by the fire - warm, comforting, relaxing.

Drinks menu.

Menu's again in keeping with aesthetic of the website and the concept.

Both hand rendered elements and digital type have been used on both menus which gives a strong visual impact.

Part of the Bungalows and Bears chain (also in Sheffield), Nation features a bar, and a restaurant with a sub name of Ruby Jean's Diner, focusing heavily on home made American food, and heavy retro, vintage diner aesthetics with use of type and interiors.

Nation's website - Links to the Diner site, where menu's can be viewed or downloaded.

Similar homepage - follows same aesthetic.

Retro-American logo. There is a very heavy emphasis on the typography used throughout the menu seen below.

It looks, and feels American due to type, colour, the boxes used and the colours.

About - taken from website.

A vintage American restaurant, focused around the concept of the 10 commandments and religion, however relative to meat, and meat lovers, hence the puns throughout the screenshots of the website and menu. Very American in tone and aesthetic, whilst being heavily typographic. Located in Leeds and Manchester.