Friday, 6 December 2013


Whilst finalising a concept for the ISTD brief I was looking at two ideas - Parenthesis and Pick and Mix. Below are images of restaurant interiors to help inspire me for a final idea and design aesthetic and tone. 

Originally on my mind maps I had in mind an industrial, open, airy space with high ceilings and brick walls. Imagery relating to this design aesthetic can be seen below.

Above shows the interior with brick walls, high ceilings in a converted old building, warehouse style. I really love the minimal, dark wood interiors and the art work on the walls. I also really love the candles on the table which add a comforting and relaxing vibe to the interior.

Another vintage, industrial style restaurant interior. Very light, bright, airy and retro with the use of lighting and tables/chairs.

Homely, American diner style restaurant, with vintage lighting, and booth seating.

I really like the relevance of the antique print chairs and pottery, pre-set on the tables. I also love the black and white photography adding personality and a very homely environment. I really like the overall aesthetic which I would like to adapt to my concept in some manner. Perhaps the aesthetic suggested for the pick and mix restaurant, which I envision to be eclectic and warm could be inspired by the interior shown above, rather than rustic and industrial?  

I am not so keen on the aesthetics of the restaurant shown above, however really like the chalk boards for specials etc. This could be adapted to either concept which could be chosen and developed.

I love the photograph shown above. I would love to include a vintage style inside-outside greenhouse/conservatory addition to the restaurant/bar where guests can eat, drink, work or relax. I love the plants and lights also added to this. This idea can be adapted in so many ways to fit the concept stated.   

Not at all keen on the aesthetics of the cafe shown above, as it looks more like a derelict office, however I really like the illustration and typography on the wall. This is something I would like to do for the restaurant concept and idea proposed. 

Fresh, colourful, light and airy interior design with product displays which could be adapted to the restaurant proposed. Slight eclectic and artisanal aesthetic. I really like the addition of typography being used for aesthetic lighting features also. 

Monochrome and wood based decor. Love the chandelier style lighting and openness to the restaurant/bar.

Rustic, industrial, open restaurant/bar, with split level dining. Relaxed atmosphere, polished, and modern aesthetic.

Busy, eclectic style restaurant with split level dining. I also really like the use of photos and illustrations on the walls to the back of the restaurant. This is something which I feel would work nicely with either of the concepts.

This is how I envision the pick and mix restaurant to be designed inside, with bright colours, different mix and match furniture whilst still working and being aesthetically pleasing. The artisanal look is perfect, however I would change certain elements such as the lighting and layout. The colours, and style however are perfect and could be adapted to the Parenthesis idea, which would be a better concept for a restaurant I feel than a dessert bar, as this would only appeal to a very specific target audience.

British garden, vintage aesthetic to this cafe decor. Light hearted and modern.

I really love the decor above, the multi coloured lights are really visually appealing and eye catching as well as feeling cozy and warm. I feel this aesthetic combined with elements of the pick and mix concept, would create a fantastic concept based on parenthesis. Using this aesthetic would make the idea seem less clinical and structured also by adding colour and eclectic, vintage style in order to create a comfortable environment to eat, drink and relax.