Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Body Image Trends In Society

"Perception regarding normal body image is a changing issue and often reflects society's views on beauty. During a long period of history, when people often could not afford enough to eat, society equated beauty with large and curvy women, as this signified wealth and the ability to buy food.

Today, we live in a time when "perfectionism" seems of utmost importance. For instance, beauty is often unrealistically defined as ever-lasting youth, fitness and razor thinness. In particular, magazines and television commercials that cover fashion and target younger people frequently depict models and other pop culture figures that are unnaturally thin. Striving for perfection often become subliminal, meaning you aren't even aware you are being pushed (by you or others) to be better. It's important to constantly remind yourself it's OK not to be perfect.

Unfortunately, advertisements for beauty products and fashion are sometimes geared more toward selling the product and making a profit than toward promoting health. While it might be fashionable to be thin, it is not worth risking your health. Extreme thinness can be dangerous, and even deadly.

Teenagers should avoid following trends related to weight and body size, particularly those artificially promoted by the media. Instead, it is better to use scientific data to assess appropriateness of body size. You can do this (for example) by calculating your body mass index (BMI). To learn more about BMI, click the "Body Mass Index" tab on the right.   

All people are shaped differently, and you may be significantly larger or smaller than some of your friends and/or peers. However, if your BMIis within the normal range, you should never worry about altering your figure. Instead, try to feel comfortable about who you are and focus on a healthy diet that includes a good breakfast, healthy meals, adequate exercise and sleep."

This article focuses on how we percieve our own body image, and how society is pushing for the ideal through advertising for instance.