Thursday, 23 January 2014


Shown below, is the original 1994 book cover, with imagery taken from the 1960s film, also entitled, "what a carve up!". Below are different variations and interpretations from re-publishing and designers/competitions. Several of the covers below have been designed for the Penguin Book Awards also. This gives a good idea of what other students are leaning towards with the designing of the cover, to ensure I design something different and unique which will standout to the judges.

The original cover feels quite feminine, however leaves curiosity and mystery for the reader.

I really like the mix of type used, - serif and sans serif - very legible, readable and stands out for a potential buyer at a distance if in a bookshop.

Another brightly coloured cover, with again original film imagery - a newer edition of the book.

A more classical approach to design by Penguin - simple, vintage, and leaves mystery.

3rd edition cover. The imagery gives more away about the book, and uses a collage aesthetic which I am very keen on, and use within my design work very often. This could be a possible route to head towards.

Student Entries:

Film Material:

Movie posters from the 1960s spoof horror "What a Carve Up!" which uses comedy-style, decorative type, which I find fitting with the theme and aesthetic chosen. Relates very well to the storyline of the film through the iconography adapted within the type.

Source: Google Images