Friday, 31 January 2014


Below is a screen shot of the Condé Nast international website, which shows which countries feature a 'Vogue' magazine and those that don't. I found most surprising that Canada and Africa do do not have their own issues. I also found whilst researching into each different national edition that there isn't much difference in content between cultural issues. The only changing features are food, home, travel, etc, whilst designers, models and trends remain the same or very similar, just perhaps photographed somewhere more contextual to that country. However I noticed a big cultural shift with the following issues - India, China and Japan. This is a topic I would like to look into more, as I would of thought that each magazine would vary more in context, content and culture depending the country it is published for.

Full summaries for each countries website and context, can be seen below backing up the topic raised.


Condé Nast first launched in Australia in 1959.  Today, in partnership with News Life Media, Condé Nast publishes four leading titles on multi-media platforms.