Thursday, 16 January 2014


The format for this book is 8x10, and is being designed through the Blurb plug-in. Initially 20 page spreads were opened, and 10x10 guides were set for each page allowing for content to be placed.

The content was constructed from both primary and secondary research.

Various typefaces and minimal compositions were being experimented with until I stumbled into the grid system which was eventually used. Black and white were decided to be the type colours throughout allowing for easy and legible reading, as well as adding to the aesthetic. I was also inspired by the layout of Paul Arden's books. 

The tone of voice is to be direct but informal, allowing enforcement whilst letting the content speak for itself.  

Left; Germaine Greer quote.
Right; Foreword.

Experimented with background colours and really liked the black and white contrast amongst pages.

In depth introduction discussing research and the purpose and meaning of the book.
3 type columns.

Anonymous survey results.
2 column type.

The forward page was changed. I manipulated a photo of Kate Moss seeing her body as a skeleton. This was then placed on the same page as the "just how much beauty is there in a skeleton?" quote by author and feminist Germaine Greer, tying in to the photography, concept of the book and the dangers of the topic.

10x10 grid structure.

A photo of one of Gillian Wearings photography subjects with specific relevance to the topic has been placed on the same page as a large quote to separate this for the viewer and make it easier on the eye, however I am not that keen on the overall layout of this page at this moment of time.

A grey tint was placed in the background to see if this added aesthetic value and made the text more readable/legible for the viewer. Again not overly keen and prefer the sharpness and crispness of the monochrome layout.

Layout as described above.

Additional page added on the idea of understanding why we try and 'fit in' with societies 'set norms and conventions'.

Quotes added. Two typefaces, Bebas Neue and Minion Pro have been used throughout to achieve different typographic effects and tone. This can be seen above.

Background tint added to existing pages to gain a better overview before final decision takes place.

Addition of a no-anorexia campaign. Not sure yet whether I should keep this or replace this with my own photography.

Statistic on opening page.

Survey question added before the quotes are revealed. Contrasting pages for aesthetic effect.

I really like the use of block colour behind certain quotes to add focus and emphasis.

Re-arranging of body copy across more pages to allow reader to be more focus and not as overwhelmed by content.

Layouts in order.

Potential Barbara Kruger style cover. Shocking, personal, emotive and ironic.