Sunday, 16 February 2014


Following the meeting on Friday, Sam and I decided a target audience of children and their parents. At the moment we are looking into the idea of an activity pack, or a mail shot to send to homes/schools. In order to appeal to the right target audience, research into graphic design for children has been looked into and noted below.

Brooklyn Children's Museum Branding + Identity inspired by the patterns, colors, and shapes that were prominent in the Memphis Design Movement. Bold colours and shapes which will appeal to children/parents as well as continuous use of both blue and pink.

A countdown calendar could also be a good idea focusing on one month of the year nationally, focusing on children, schools and parents etc focusing on a different and easy approach/action to climate change each day.

Retro, vintage style prints, featuring recognisable figures - animals, robots etc.

Warm and children friendly colours have been used for the illustrations shown above and below, giving a sense of appeal to children.

Geometric shapes have been used above to form shapes of animals which are recognisable to the reader.

Alphabet illustrations.

A play on words is mixed in to this story book based on Hippos. Hand painted/illustrated covers give a warm, friendly and child like aesthetic/personality.

Flash Cards - Traditional and Simple, whilst already proven effective in schools for years.

'Eat it up' shown in organic colours and a raw, organic type. Illustrative and cartoonish, for a younger audience.

Bright, illustrated and vector image based book cover. Simple language and type has been noticed throughout all of the examples of graphic design for children.

Again another example of a hand-rendered, painted aesthetic which works well for the tone, topic and aesthetic chosen. Makes the poster more whimsical also.

Simple type and image used to educate them on animals - target audience, 3 - 5 years.

Heavy vector graphic from a children's book. Very powerful, strong illustration with good use of colour.
Alphabet - something like shown above, could be used to show different elements of global warming, i.e. sun, rain, floods.. These methods of education are often used at home and in schools from a young age in a range of subjects, especially maths and english.

Very simple text and language use shown above, with children friendly block illustrations. 

Colourful, simple vector graphic. Something like this could be used to show the information we want to rely to older children, or even their teachers/parents, with the design style being more advanced.

The tea bags shown have been designed for the children's tea market! they are bright, energetic and aesthetically pleasing. The use of vector images and the addition of 'eyes' are capture children's attention and makes the packaging more aware of it's audience.