Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Below shows a range of media packs from the Conde Nast International website, showing the information sent to advertisers, designers etc and publishers internationally with official, up to date information on costs, target audience, facts and statistics on income, spending etc for each country. Each reflects their own editions of Vogue, so for example the Korean media pack explores why that International edition reflects what it does through the magazine and how this may change in comparison to Mexico for example.

I found these really interesting to read through, however each edition still focuses on high-end luxuries which some may think aren't appropriate for some countries or should be changed to be more cultural. My personal opinion, is that each international edition focuses on a slightly different target audience, however non of the magazines focus on traditions or cultures of the countries, and their traditional fashions. Everything photographed and shown is a reflection on high-end trends from country to country rather than showing real cultures, lifestyles and fashions of everyday people living in these 26 countries. I would of liked to see more cultural differences across the magazines.

In one of the media packs it is also said that they focus on advertising "over priced goods" showing that Vogue know fashion is dictated by money and class still opposed to culture and heritage.