Tuesday, 11 February 2014



WPP (plc) is a British multinational advertising and public relations agency which operates with a heavy focus on sustainability. The head office is based in London, and the company has been in operation since founded in 1971 by Martin Sorrell.

"WPP is the world's largest communications services group, employing 170,000 people* working in 3,000 offices in 110 countries.

Our mission 
Why WPP exists, the role of the parent company and how it complements our businesses

WPP leadership 
WPP's Board of directors, their backgrounds, roles and responsibilities

Group history 
Key milestones in WPP's history since the Group's inception in 1985."

The Environment:

"The issue
Clients, investors and employees are showing increased interest in our approach to environmental issues. Reducing our environmental impact enhances our credibility as communications advisors on sustainability issues. It enables us to demonstrate to stakeholders that we have strong environmental principles. Using energy and other resources more efficiently also helps us to reduce costs and respond to new regulations. Cutting our impact on the environment as our business grows is important but challenging.

Our response
We aim for WPP to be a low-carbon and resource efficient Group.

We set strategy at a Group level, covering energy and climate change, resource use and waste management. To implement our strategy, we have established Environmental Action Teams in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. These include members of key Group functions, such as IT, real estate and procurement. They work closely with our operating companies, identifying environmental best practices through pilot projects and providing support and technical guidance. Our network of Climate Champions, together with local IT, facilities and purchasing managers, help to implement the strategy in our companies.

WPP's environmental policy is included in the Group's Sustainability Policy which is reviewed annually by the Sustainability Committee. To find out more about how we manage sustainability issues at WPP, click here."

WPP Reports:

The following PDFs show focus on their brand standards, ethical issues, sustainability report and carbon emission facts/figures. They have been taken from the WPP website, which can be found here. Each individually reveals vital information about the company and the ethical direction of their work which is key to reflect throughout this brief, as well as giving up to date facts and figures regarding carbon emissions and a breakdown of causes etc, which will again help guide and focus direction for the campaign.