Saturday, 15 March 2014


Prior to making any design decisions I wanted to look into Champneys existing at home product range. It was important to look at their design aesthetic also to make informed and appropriate design decisions. Imagery has been taken from the Chamneys website. 

The design aesthetic gives an instant impact of luxury and expense. The designs used are subtle illustrations echoing the fragrance or theme of the collection being sold. Different coloured bottles and packaging are used to reflect different fragrances, products and ranges, whilst the logo remains the same.

Mediterranean Spa Range

Blue has been chosen to reflect the Mediterranean Sea, keeping in line with the concept, name and fragrance chosen for the range. Furthermore this adds a relaxing tone of voice to the product and the brand. I have notice this is the same practice which runs throughout Champneys product lines.

This packaging is strong for the older target market which Champneys currently focus on. The style of packaging chosen itself to hold the product is still suitable for a younger audience, but could do with vibrancy or a more eclectic, younger print or colour. 

Christmas Bath & Shower Collection

Red, Gold and Peach have been used for the colour scheme of the product packaging shown above, for a Champneys Christmas collection. Red has been added to the packaging giving a hit of colour as well as a seasonal feel. The same style packaging being a strong, thick card box which has a fully covering lid which is the same height as the box itself. The candle however shown below, is much brighter and more appealing in aesthetics for a younger audience. Gold foil blocking and a blue ribbon have been added for extra quality and a more luxurious finish. 

Gifts - Candle

Boots range of products

A collaged photo of their product line for Boots, showing different packaging and colour schemes used. The packaging varies from enclose pouches and vanity cases, to vacuum formed boxes. The colour schemes however are mostly neutral, and feature gold or silver. The brand is known to be luxurious and expensive which is reflected through their current, yet standard style of packaging. With the product range available so many options are available for bringing the products to a younger audience.

Distant Range Range

The most vibrant range of product packaging. This range is boxed in a perfume style gift box leaving room for the 4 or more products to fit easily and comfortably. 

Travel Size Minis

I personally feel the colour scheme and packaging chosen above do not represent the luxuriousness and high quality of the brand.

Luxury Gift Set

A larger gift set, held in a handbag opposed to card based packaging. This wouldn't be suitable for the new audience.

Thai Royale Christmas Gift Set

A more illustrative and colourful selection of packaging for Champneys.

Oriental Opulence range

I feel this is really old fashioned and dull in terms of aesthetics, due to the design decisions such as colour and type.

Exotic Mist

Body mist packaging is simple yet effective with subtle floral illustrations coming through.

Tropical Range

Fresh, youthful and clean design aesthetics have been used above to create a tropical range of products.

Mini Favourites gift set

Out of all the packaging shown I feel the mini gift set is packaged the best, the box is feminine girly and contrasts with the blue bow and packaging colour. The illustration also adds much more youth to the design.