Thursday, 20 March 2014


Classification of target audiences for fashion brands, based on fashion magazines.
Fashion Target Markets

The target market MONO would appeal too would be 25-30 ideally, with some clientele 30+.

Fashion has many different markets for gender, age, class & style.
The general markets when it comes to women are…
The teenage market is very much around celebrity culture & the latest trends. Teenagers like to replicate looks they have seen on their favourite celebrity, the styles for this can vary a lot. Teenagers also often read older women’s magazines to be inspired. The teenage fashion market is usually at the cheaper end because teenagers don’t have the money to spend on luxurious clothes, teenagers clothes are usually more casual & daywear.
Twenties to Thirties:-
Twenty to thirty year old’s often wear clothes that are in trend like teenagers, but usually have their own distinctive style & have more money to spend on the clothes they like. Twenty to thirty year old’s also read a variety of fashion magazines ranging from low to high end. This market is one of the most affluent & is the market most designers aim for.
Forties plus
Forties plus women are the market with the most money and will spend more on both their fashion magazines & clothing, they will buy more high end and designer brands. There are not many brands that aim directly to this market so many women buy from department stores or from luxury brands.