Monday, 14 July 2014


"Unbearable Weight: Feminism, Western Culture & The Body" by Susan Bordo, 1995, California.

Part 2 - The Slender Body and Other Cultural Forms

"I believe in being the best I can be, I believe in watching every calorie" - Crystal Light TV AD, p.139

"[Psychopathy] is the final outcome of all that is wrong with a culture" - Jules Henry, p.139

- 1945 - Ludwig Binswanger chronicled the now famous case of Ellen West... "from a psychiatric point of view we are dealing here with something new, with a new symptom" - p.140

- 1973 - Hilde Bruch, specialist in field anorexia was 'rare'

- 1984 - "1 in every 200-250 women between ages of 13 and 22 suffer from anorexia, and that anywhere from 12-33% of college women control their weight through vomiting, diuretics and laxatives.The New York Centre for the Study of Anorexia and Bulimia reports that in the first 5 months of 1984 it received 252 requests for treatment, as compared to the 30 requests in all of the 1980" - p.140

"Multidimensional disorder" - Paul Garfinkel and David Garner, p.140

- 1980s saw the rise of fashion and cultural factors calling the sudden rise.

- Kim Chernin calls the obsession w/weight "the tyranny of slenderness" - p.141

- Oppression is a post 60s, post feminist phenomenon.

- 1950s - Contrast with the ideal Marilyn Monroe and the Middle Class/No Work.

"Our bodies, no less than anything else that is human, are constituted by culture" - p.142

"Female bodies have historically been significantly more vulnerable than male bodies to extremes to both forms of cultural manipulation of the body" - p.143

- Women are associated with with women - "sphere" family, ideology, mythology, religion, p.143

"Social manipulation of the maintenance of power relations between the sexes over the past hundred years" - p.143
- Links to modern day preoccupation with slenderness.

- Plato and Philosophy Theory - p.144/p.147

"I felt secretive, deceptive and... tainted by the ongoing relationship" - p.148

Control - A success, an accomplishment - no control of surroundings/problems but this is something one can control. Controlling the forces of nature.

Part 3 - The body and the Reproduction of Femininity

"The body - what we eat, how we dress, the daily rituals through which we attend to the body - is a medium of culture" - p.165