Friday, 29 August 2014


For the Practical element of this module, I have decided on a final proposal after much thought, research and discussion with Richard. I feel with thorough research and good design the outcome could be really exciting and work really well with the topic chosen, as well as my dissertation. The complete proposal and further details of which can be seen below.


I am proposing to research, design and produce a visual timeline of female bodily changes and 'the ideal' since 1900. This will be in the form of a visual coffee table book with 'bursts' of contextual analysis highlighting information and background at key stages or eras of history, along with an introduction and a conclusion. 

Ideally I would like to have one 1 image per year.

The format has been chosen to fall in line with high-end fashion books and coffee table books which are to be looked through at a leisurely pace. I would also like to package the book to give a sense of structure, and quality as well as adding formality and further aesthetic qualities to the coffee table book.


A range of both primary and secondary research:

Vogue Archives (library and digital archives)
Vogue Books (x3 taken out of the library)
- Vogue Fashion, Linda Watson (Vogue)
- Vogue Covers, Vogue
- Vogue Paris Covers 1920-2009, Vogue.
Playboy Magazine Archives
Fashion related books - era, genre related or specific.
Photography archives.
Current magazines and adverts.
Advertisement/billboard advertisement archives.
Beauty, skincare and healthcare brand archives, photography and campaigns.
Fashion campaigns and runway/catwalk photography.
Film posters.
News articles.


Highly Visual.

Target Audience:

Both men and women.
Those interested in the topic of body image, fashion and the media, leaving the outcome suitable for a range of people and age groups. 
Those interested in photography.
Those interested in the contextual information behind fashion and 'the ideal'.